Cops rush to find police dog — and see suspect drowning it in creek, Illinois cops say

An arrest in Illinois could have come to a tragic end on Monday, police say.

Stephen Sholty, 40, was living in a tent on his family’s property outside Shirley, Illinois, when at least five officers tried to arrest him, WICS reported. He was wanted on two warrants, one of which was a felony, Pantagraph reported.

During an arrest in Illinois, a suspect fled and tried to drown Rico, a police dog, when he chased after the suspect, cops say. McClean County Sheriff's Office

Sholty made a break for it, running through a nearby creek to escape police, they said, according to WICS. After yelling for Sholty to stop, officers sent Rico, a police K-9, after him.

“When the dog went after him, (Sholty) grabbed him by the neck and tried to drown him,” McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage said, according to Pantagraph.

Sholty was holding Rico underwater when deputies caught up and were able to put the suspect in handcuffs, WICS reported.

Following the incident, Rico was “coughing and sluggish” but otherwise fine, WJBC reported.

During the altercation, Rico bit Sholty who was treated at an area hospital, the TV station reported. Later, when he appeared before a judge, he was sporting a bandage on his left arm.

Sholty is charged with five counts of resisting arrest and is being held in jail in lieu of posting bond, Pantagraph reported.

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