Burglar in Christmas onesie found hiding with cat named Spaghetti, Oregon cops say

Multnomah County Sheriff's Department

A Gresham, Oregon, couple arrived at their newly purchased home before moving in Sunday to find something odd going on, The Oregonian reported.

“We saw a bunch of stuff on our car, like a bottle of cider, a bunch of ceremonial knives and a MacBook Pro,” said new homeowner Timothy Smith, CNN reported. “We’re like ‘that’s weird’ and then we come in and see all this other stuff.”

The “other stuff” included holes in the walls and half-eaten cupcakes in the kitchen, KATU reported. And that wasn’t the half of it.

Someone had thrown Smith’s hats into the bathtub, The Oregonian reported. A stranger’s clothes were piled on the washer. A heater vent had been removed and a mirror ripped off a wall.

Then Smith and his fiancee heard noises from a crawl space below the house, KPTV reported.

“So then I grab two of the knives and I’m walking around looking for someone because clearly a person broke in,” said Smith, 24, The Oregonian reported.

That’s when an unfamiliar cat wearing a T-shirt belonging to one of the couple’s dogs popped out of the crawl space, according to the publication.

“No one is going to put a shirt on a cat and leave it in a crawl space in a random house,” Smith said, CNN reported. “Someone else is down here.”

The couple ran out of the house calling for help, KPTV reported. When Gresham police arrived, Ryan Douglas Bishop, 38, emerged from the crawl space — wearing only a dirty Christmas onesie belonging to Smith’s fiancee.

Or formerly belonging, at least — Gresham police say she declined the clothing’s return, according to the station.

Bishop faces charges including burglary, criminal mischief and theft, KOIN reported.

While the couple initially suspected the cat, named Spaghetti, had also been stolen, it has since been released to the custody of Bishop’s grandmother, CNN reported.

Now Smith and his fiancee aren’t even sure they still want to move into their home, KOIN reported.

“We were livid,” Smith said, according to The Oregonian. “Our sanctuary was destroyed by someone who had no business being there and here he is wearing my fiancee’s clothes. There’s just no reason for it.”

“It blows my mind,” Smith said, KOIN reported. “It really, really does.”

But Smith also had a message for Bishop, CNN reported

“I’ve been where that dude was,” he said, according to the station. “Don’t ever feel like you’re unhelpable. Help is always out there for you. Just find the right sources.”

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