Can your dog get you a date? App for dog lovers holds launch events across US

A new platform named Dig, which brands itself as “the dog person’s dating app,” is holding launch events across the country.

One of those is a dog-friendly party coming to Denver in late June, according to the Denver Post. Austin, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco and other cities across the United States have all had speed-dating or other events of their own since the app was created.

“Our overall goal with Dig is to provide an easy, fun way to connect dog lovers who are looking to find more love in their life of the two-legged variety,” said co-founder Casey Isaacson, per the Post.

Pew Research Center found in 2016 that 15 percent of American adults had used an online or mobile dating site — and since then, the number of platforms has only proliferated, with new sites cropping up specifically targeted at people of certain professions, religions, ages and sexual orientations. There are even platforms designed for Trump supporters and Ivy League college graduates.

Dig is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and launched in New York City around Valentine’s Day in 2018, according to the company’s website. It features a Tinder-like interface, where users can check out other singles’ profiles and choose whether or not to match with them, then strike up a conversation.

Co-founder Leigh Isaacson wrote in an email to McClatchy that the platform has 65,000 users and counting, with at least some users in all 50 states. She added that other launch events are coming up in Nashville and Dallas.

“You will likely have better luck finding a match in the cities where we’ve thrown launch events, started marketing, and started connecting with dog businesses and rescues in a certain area,” Isaacson said, though she added that “some cities, like Dallas and San Diego, have taken off on their own.”

But the new dating app isn’t just about connecting dog lovers with each other, its founders say: It also aims to help dog owners avoid singles who might say they’re fine with dogs, only to reveal after a few dates that Rufus will never set paw in his or her apartment.

“Founders Leigh and Casey Isaacson created Dig after being duped by fake dog lovers too many times,” the app’s leaders write on their website. “On Dig, guys can’t pretend to be dog owners by posting pictures with other people’s dogs just to get the conversation going like they do on other dating apps.”

The app’s promoters cite British survey research — written up in the Huffington Post in 2015 — showing that many daters find dog owners more loyal, and that nearly half of British people found animal lovers more attractive.

“To dog people, it doesn’t matter who starts the conversation, what mutual hobbies they have, or who they know in common,” the Dig website says. “If the people aren’t on the same page about the dog(s), they just aren’t compatible.”

Dig also cited research in a news release that the company said showed “86% of dog owners would break up with their significant other if they weren’t into their dog” and that “3 in 10 dog parents have used their dog to attract a potential partner.”

Dog owners as well as people without dogs who are looking to get them are allowed to use the platform, with the founders explaining that some dogs aren’t likely to get along with other pets, so those pets’ owners may not want a partner who comes with a dog.

The app’s creators say that after connecting people, the platform can also help users come up with date ideas based on dog-friendly spots in the area, whether that’s a dog park, a brewery or beyond.

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