Video catches purse snatcher dragging woman, little girl down stairs, Calif. cops say

A mother and her daughter were walking up a flight of stairs in San Jose, California, earlier this month when a man came up behind them — grabbing the woman’s purse and violently dragging them back to ground level, video of the attack shows.

Police searched the area for witnesses and clues on May 6 around noon when officers responded to the reported purse snatching, San Jose police said in a news release Tuesday. That’s how they discovered video surveillance footage that captured the robbery, as well as catching the fact that the suspected attacker had left in a black four-door Lexus, police said.

The description of the vehicle and robber combined with the way the robber operated pointed to Pablo Cabrera Jr., a 26-year-old San Jose man, as the suspect, according to police.

“All of Cabrera’s victims were Asian females carrying expensive purses,” police said. “Cabrera attacked victims from behind, grabbed their purse, and ran to his car.”

Police arrested Cabrera on May 11 at his San Jose home and found more evidence there tying him to the multiple crimes, the department said.

He was booked at the Santa Clara County Jail on robbery charges and a parole violation charge, which was related to previous burglary charges, according to police.

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“This was very brazen and very cowardly,” San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said, according to the Mercury News. “In the video, how violent he was, with no care of the child, it resonated with all of us. We’re happy to get him off the street.”

Authorities shared the 18-second clip of the attack when announcing Cabrera’s arrest.

Police said the attack left the woman and her daughter with mild injuries, according to the Mercury News, which reports that police think Cabrera targeted “at least four other women” in robberies of the same variety.

“We are fortunate this predator was caught before any more members of the public were victimized,” Garcia said in a statement.

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