Not everyone was naughty: Here are 12 stories to help restore your faith in humanity

Jax Rosebush, left, asked his mom for a haircut that would make him look like his best friend, Reddy, so their teacher couldn’t tell them apart.
Jax Rosebush, left, asked his mom for a haircut that would make him look like his best friend, Reddy, so their teacher couldn’t tell them apart. Facebook

There was no shortage of bad news this year.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria devastated the lives of hundreds in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands and caused billions in damages.

A mass shooter killed 58 people and injured hundreds attending a concert in Las Vegas and another mass shooter killed 26 people, including children, in a Texas church.

Then, a series of sex scandals took down several prominent members in government, media and celebrity chefs, starting with film producer Harvey Weinstein.

However, there were many good things that happened amid the torrent of bad news. Here’s a sampling:

▪  A homeless man spent his last $20 to keep her safe. She’s raised $402,000 to repay him.

When Kate McClure ran out of gas on a drive to Philadelphia in October a homeless man named Johnny used his last $20 to fill up a can and brought it back to Kate. She decided to pay the good deed forward.

▪  Cheerleader trains for a back handspring. Having Down syndrome won’t hold her back

Brittany Lowe, 16, was born with Down Syndrome, and two holes in her heart. She was also forced into a wheelchair at the age of 11. None of those conditions or the multiple surgeries she endured kept her from her dreams of being a cheerleader.

▪  The boy was screaming with 7 hours left to fly. Then she held out her hand.

A viral video showed that in spite of cultural and religious differences, Rochel Groner was able to help comfort a screaming boy on a long flight. Groner, with her husband, worked extensively with autistic children. She believed the boy was autistic and struggling.

▪  Resident assistant reads freshman a bedtime story so he’d feel at home on his birthday

Resident Assistant Quamir Boddie asked his incoming residents what would make them more comfortable. Freshman Andrew Kochamba had a simple request: he wanted a bedtime story.

▪  One little boy’s haircut teaches the world about colorblind love

Jax needed a haircut really badly. He told his mom that he wanted a haircut so he could look just like his friend, Reddy. He didn’t want the teacher to tell them apart. Jax is white and Reddy is black.

▪  ‘Believe in your damn self’: Sweden women’s soccer jerseys trade names for inspiration

This Swedish women’s soccer team needed a boost of morale. So they changed the names on their jerseys to tweets from prominent Swedish women.

▪  Tired of watching the giraffe waiting to give birth? This woman made her own version

A viral video of a giraffe giving birth had millions on the edges of their seats – waiting. It inspired Erin Dietrich, who was 39 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, to stream a video live on Facebook while she wore a giraffe mask and walked around.

▪  'The new sobriety test’: Student proves he’s sober by juggling during traffic stop

Police pulled Blayk Puckett, a junior at the University of Central Arkansas, over for having a broken light and driving slowly. They realized that he wasn’t drunk – and then they realized he was a juggler. So they came up with a “new” sobriety test.

▪  Man makes a tiny wheelchair for a goldfish and buoys spirits across the internet

YouTuber Taylor Nicole Dean of San Antonio, Texas, constructed a tiny custom “wheelchair” for a customer’s pet goldfish that suffered from a swim-bladder disease.

Instead of tossing bouquet, bride hands it to her best friend. ‘Turn around,’ she says

The bride, Jessica Krayno, set up a surprise for her best friend when she went to toss the bouquet.

▪  Cracker Barrel fired Brad’s wife. He asked why. The Internet takes it from there.

The internet was outraged that Bradley Reid Byrd’s had been fired from Cracker barrel after 11 years of service with no explanation.

▪  She told her boss she was taking a ‘mental health’ day, and people love his response

Madalyn Parker was struggling to maintain her mental health, so she requested some time off. The CEO of her company stepped in to comfort her.

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