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Sandra Duerr
Sandra Duerr

Q: I read the April 15 opinion piece by Kathleen Parker (“Judd and McConnell, and a recording”) and wanted to email her that I disagreed with her position on recording private conversations. I think whoever did the recording ought to be given a medal, not prosecuted. When I went to the Orlando Sentinel website (as indicated in The Tribune), I couldn’t find her contact information. I finally found it under It would be nice if you printed the contact information for each of your regular commentators. — Don Bearden, Los Osos

A: You make an excellent point. We will strive to do that going forward. Thanks!

Q: I think a (recent) story on the woman who gave millions of dollars to the Allan Hancock music program (“Music program at Allan Hancock College gets $10 million gift,” April 4) deserved much higher play than second place in the County Roundup. I have no connection to the college, but I found the story to be one of the most interesting in that day’s paper — at least worthy of a stand-alone headline on the Local front, if not Page A1. I realize Santa Maria is somewhat outside The Tribune’s coverage area, but this story should have transcended the county lines. Perhaps you could suggest to (Opinion Page Editor) Stephanie Finucane that she recognize the bequest with an editorial or a bouquet. — Jack Rhodes, Arroyo Grande

A: To be sure, there is undoubtedly an interesting story about this donor. Given that our readers live in San Luis Obispo County, however, our mission is to cover the top issues and communities here. And there are always more stories — and opinions — to tackle than time allows! Thank you for taking the time to write.

Q: As a more than 35-year Ventura County Star and L.A. Times reader, transplanted via retirement to San Luis Obispo, let me first say how pleased I am as a daily subscriber. I have found The Tribune to be a pleasant reading surprise. I have been quite impressed with the paper’s quality, diversity of compilation and overall editorial perspective. And I love The Two-Minute Trib. Of particular local reporting note is Patrick S. Pemberton’s forceful saga of the Dystiny Myers trial. I found his reporting accurate, fair and an efficient presentation of the facts and the behind-thescene sub-stories. Kudos to him! — Al Chappelle, San Luis Obispo

A: Thank you for being such a loyal reader — and for taking the time to share your compliments. Our staff is a highly dedicated group of professional journalists who strive daily to provide timely, insightful breaking news and in-depth coverage of our county.

Q: A (recent) Sunday article by Joe Tarica on Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s refusal to enforce stricter gun laws on the people of his jurisdiction (“Sheriff’s letter to vice president on gun control takes the wrong tack,” March 29) does not belong on the front page of the Local section. While I respect his opinion, although it differs from mine, this article, at best, was an editorial, full of opinion, but without anything objective to substantiate his views. News sections should be reserved for investigative news articles. Putting an editorial article in a news section is misleading. — Fritz Glaser

A: I appreciate your point of view. Like other newspapers, however, we have long published local commentary on the front of the Local news section, as well as the Sports section and business page. We present these columns in a different format with each writer’s picture to distinguish them from news stories. It’s our hope that readers understand the difference.

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