From the Editor

Tribune has the elections covered

Now that the candidates for local races are set, election season will certainly rev up.

Looking ahead to the statewide primary June 8, we will begin offering more in-depth coverage, including local stories on key races such as the run for sheriff, two county supervisor races and the 33rd Assembly District, as well as wire stories on statewide races such as governor.

“Our goal will be to have the candidates explain why their ideas matter and how they will achieve them,” Managing Editor Tad Weber said. “The point is to offer voters useful information that will assist them as they make their choices.”

In addition, The Tribune Editorial Board (Publisher Bruce G. Ray, Opinion Editor Stephanie Finucane and me) will offer endorsements in several local races where we can provide background and insight.

Toward that end, we will begin interviewing candidates in selected races this week. So far, we have set up six sessions, where we plan to meet with each race’s candidates together instead of one-on-one.

We have learned through the years that the most successful elected officials have strong leadership and consensus-building skills, as well as innovative yet practical solutions to local problems. It also helps to have previous public policy-making experience. So we’ll be looking at these qualities carefully as we make our decisions.

When the primary is over, we’ll continue to provide in-depth coverage of races on the Nov. 2 general election ballot.

Now for a few election-related reminders.

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Sandra Duerr is the executive editor of The Tribune.