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Ask the Editor: Columnists bring varied views to page

I just want to express my enthusiastic approval of your choice of Charles Krauthammer as an addition to your lineup of syndicated columnists. He is wise, experienced and well-informed, which, in itself, is refreshing! His conservative views need to be heard in counterpoint to the backdrop of the extreme liberalism currently in power in our government. ... I am not familiar with Gail Collins, but I am trusting your good judgment in choosing her for a balance of opinion and will most certainly read her column. Thanks again for providing a quality newspaper!

— Nancy Halopoff

Q: Glad to see Charles Krauthammer’s column added to your Op Ed pages. Sorry to see Bill O’Reilly’s column taken out. While Krauthammer is certainly more of an intellectual than O’Reilly — O’Reilly being more of a common-sense, street-wise guy — he is no more on the “attack” than other columnists your newspaper features, including Paul Krugman and Leonard Pitts.

Please do not make lame excuses for your liberal leanings. I am seriously considering canceling my subscription.

— J. L. B. Schaefer, Arroyo Grande

A: Thanks to those who contacted us Friday about our change in the lineup. For the record, all said they’re looking forward to reading Charles Krauthammer. A few expressed regret at losing Bill O’Reilly.

The scheduled columnists on our Editorial Page were chosen to represent all sides of the political spectrum. In addition, we will continue to publish a wide range of opinions in Voices. Our intent, as always, is to offer a lively forum and a diversity of ideas, to gain insight into issues and open our eyes to others’ opinions so that we might better understand them.

Q: It’s easier to read your paper when you continue front-page articles on the back page, as you occasionally do. Is there any reason why this cannot be done every day?

— Robert Olson, Arroyo Grande

A: We make every effort to “jump’’ stories from the front page to the back page for the very reason you cite. But sometimes an excess of color advertising, which may need that position, prevents us from continuing the stories there.

Q: A client of mine wants to get in touch with the individual who writes your home and design articles for the Home & Garden section. Do you have to pay for those stories?

— Name not given

A: We never accept payment or any kind of favors in exchange for news coverage. To do so would violate our ethics policy — and destroy our trust with readers.

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