Two Cal Poly fraternities placed on social probation

Two Cal Poly fraternities have been placed on social probation for hosting unregistered parties in September during the university’s Week of Welcome.

The fraternities, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Phi Kappa Psi, were disciplined for violating Cal Poly’s party registration policy.

The policy was adopted last year after a number of alcohol-related incidents involving Greek organizations in recent years, including a student death and the suspension or elimination of several chapters from the campus. Last year, three sexual assaults were alleged to have taken place at fraternity parties.

The social probation for each fraternity will remain in effect through 2015.

Greek organizations placed on social probation can’t hold social events at the fraternity chapter’s facilities, satellite houses or third-party venues.

Cal Poly officials on Wednesday didn’t have exact dates or locations for the incidents, saying they had limited information available because of a closed campus on Veterans Day. WOW took place from Sept. 13-20.

Presidents of the fraternities didn’t return calls for comment on the probations. Cal Poly’s student news organization, Mustang News, reported that Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish fraternity, hosted an unregistered Shabbat dinner attended by about 80 people and that fraternity president Jake Margulies admitted the violation of the policy.

Margulies told Mustang News that his fraternity tried to prevent three men who weren’t from San Luis Obispo and didn’t attend Cal Poly from entering. The men, who were denied entry by doormen after offering alcohol and money to get in, later attempted to break in through a side fence before being kicked out, Margulies said. Later that night, Cal Poly’s University Police Department cited the men for having open containers of alcohol, and they falsely accused the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity of giving them the drinks, Margulies said.

Another Cal Poly fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho, was placed on social probation last winter for about a year for an alleged sexual assault that took place at the fraternity house last December.

The fraternity’s house was also the location of an alleged physical fight in September. University officials were looking into whether any violations of party policies occurred at that time.

Alpha Gamma Rho is now listed as on suspension on Cal Poly’s website, through the end of 2015.

The university has cracked down on Greek misbehavior, implementing a party registration policy in February 2014 and a social probation across the Greek system from January 2014 through April 2015.

The party registration policy limits event times, bans drinking games and requires guest lists to be submitted to the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life in advance.

The social probation was lifted after the Greeks came up with a plan to change fraternity and sorority culture and address sexual violence and out-of-control behavior. Three reports of alleged sexual assaults were reported at fraternity parties last year.

The 19-page plan identifies educational programs and ways of managing risk to prevent hazardous activities, including the commitment of at least one sober monitor per 30 guests at each social event.

A Sexual Assault Task Force was assigned to analyze components of Greek culture that contribute to sexual assault, and the Greek chapters are required to complete bystander intervention training with SAFER, the sexual assault prevention group on campus.