Cash box from Kiwanis chocolate sales returned

A missing cash box used to collect money for Kiwanis’ chocolate sales for youth-based activities has been recovered.

Warren Lilly, a coordinator of the sales effort, thought the cash box, estimated to have about $1,000 inside, had been stolen on Dec. 7 when a volunteer salesman on duty briefly left the cash box unattended at the end of his shift.

But Lilly said Friday that the cash box has been returned by a local boy who said he found the box in a ditch.

Lilly said he now believes the volunteer salesman left the box on the top of his car, after a sales shift at the Los Osos Post Office, and it fell off when he drove away.

Lilly said that the Kiwanis Club of Bay Osos reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office, but he’s considering the matter ended, and he rewarded the boy with some See’s candies, which Kiwanis has been selling at the Post Office.