Evidence wraps up in trial of man accused of pimping Los Osos teen

Richard Scott Brooks
Richard Scott Brooks

A man accused of pimping out a 17-year-old Los Osos girl while her mother was out of town told jurors the alleged victim was a “teenage black widow.” But the prosecution characterized the defendant as a sexual deviant who took advantage of a girl who had been molested as a child.

Attorneys concluded the evidence phase Friday in the trial of Richard Scott Brooks, 40, of San Francisco. Brooks faces close to two dozen charges, including rape and human trafficking and pimping of a minor. The District Attorney’s Office alleges that Brooks recruited a teen on Craigslist, had sex with her multiple times over four days and then pimped her out through another Craigslist posting.

On Friday, Brooks testified for a third consecutive day. Under questioning from his attorney, Matt Guerrero, Brooks said the alleged victim, referred to in court as Jane Doe, actively pursued him after responding to his initial Craigslist posting July 19, 2014. The girl said she was 18, Brooks testified, and agreed to pick him up in the Bay Area and take him to Los Osos.

The girl testified previously that her mother and younger sister were out of state at the time.

At the Los Osos home, Brooks said, Jane Doe often initiated the sexual encounters with Brooks. He described her as “intelligent,” “strong,” “in control” and “assertive.”

At one point, the two shopped for sex products she requested in San Luis Obispo, Brooks testified.

“Was it consensual sex?” Guerrero asked.

“Every time,” Brooks replied.

Miss Doe’s not a victim; she’s a black widow.

Richard Brooks, testifying about an alleged rape victim

Brooks denied having sex with her when she was passed out, though Deputy District Attorney Greg Devitt said Jane Doe appears to not move in some of the sex videos Brooks shot, and Jane Doe testified that she does not remember those encounters.

On July 27, the third day he stayed in Los Osos, Brooks said he found her wallet, and the identification inside showed the girl was 17. The next day, Deputy District Attorney Greg Devitt contends, Oscar Higueros, a volunteer fire captain in Cayucos, responded to an ad Brooks placed on Craigslist.

Brooks said Jane Doe was the driving force behind that posting.

“It was, basically, we were looking for a threesome, at her request,” Brooks said.

After Higueros arrived, Brooks said, he didn’t participate in the sex, nor did he collect money from Higueros. Yet, Devitt said in court, some of the correspondence with Higueros specified monetary amounts — $150 for a half hour and $250 for an hour. Brooks said Jane Doe wrote some of the responses, including one in which her street name was misspelled.

Devitt aggressively examined the defendant, sometimes with rapid-fire questions. After Brooks said he had had sex with many women since Jane Doe, Devitt asked, “Do you find yourself sexually desirous?”

“No,” Brooks said.

“Do you feel like you need to take advantage of women?”

“Definitely not.”

“Sodomize them while they’re unconscious?”

“That’s gross.”

Some of the women listed on Brooks’ phone contact list had first names paired with the surname “Slut.”

“That’s how I identify them as my bootie calls,” Brooks testified.

“Do you hate women?” Devitt asked.

“I love women.”

“Then why do you call them ‘sluts?’ 

Brooks said those with “Slut” listed as a surname were women he’d met at sex parties or online.

“Do you think you have an insatiable appetite for sex?” Devitt asked.


Do you feel like you need to take advantage of women?

Deputy district attorney Greg Devitt, questioning pimping defendant Richard Brooks

Jane Doe previously testified that Brooks seemed interested when she told him she had been molested by a grandfather. Brooks denied that, saying he considered getting help for her at an establishment for abused women. At the same time, he suggested the teen had lied in her testimony.

“Miss Doe’s not a victim; she’s a black widow,” he said.

Brooks called the girl a black widow twice, suggesting the girl who had once pursued him had turned on him.

After Brooks left the Los Osos home, he said he offered Jane Doe $50 from $150 he had made while there. When Devitt asked how he made $150, Brooks said he met a client for freelance Web design work.

On July 29, just before returning home, Brooks sent Jane Doe another text, saying he would have money for her. He also suggested more men would pay to have sex with her, Devitt said.

“I (already) have three clients from SF who want to meet you,” he wrote, according to Devitt.

Closing arguments begin Tuesday.

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