Homeless man stole his condemned dog back from SLO Animal Services, sheriff says

Logan Timothy Wilson Stoffle
Logan Timothy Wilson Stoffle

One day before his pit bull mix was scheduled to be euthanized for reportedly biting two people in separate incidents, a homeless man broke into San Luis Obispo County Animal Services Center and retrieved his dog.

Now, the Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating the two, warning residents that the dog has a history of attacking people unprovoked.

On Tuesday morning, deputies received a report that a burglary at the animal center in the 800 block of Oklahoma Avenue on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo had occurred during the overnight hours. A staff member there said someone broke into a kennel and took a brown-and-black pit bull mix named Sid, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla said Thursday that the dog had been quarantined at the kennel since July, following separate incidents in May and June in which Sid bit a person, resulting in injuries severe enough to require hospital treatment.

A San Luis Obispo judge issued an order in October to have officials euthanize the dog on Wednesday.

Investigators identified 24-year-old Logan Timothy Wilson Stoffle as the main suspect in the break-in. Stoffle has no known city of residence and had regularly visited the dog at the center since July.

Prior to the euthanization order, Stoffle was given an option by the judge to find a permanent private kennel for Sid, but he was unable to do so, Cipolla said.

Cipolla said that despite residents’ feelings toward euthanization, “the fact is, this is a public safety issue. (The dog has) been shown in previous attempts that he will attack unprovoked.”

Officials had not located the pair as of Thursday evening and asked anyone with information of their whereabouts to call 781-4550.