Los Osos teen told alleged pimp she was 18 and wanted to be controlled

A Los Osos teen who responded to an alleged pimp’s Craigslist ad told him she wanted a sexual relationship in which she would be controlled, according to emails and text messages the teen sent.

The teen also initially told him she was 18, she testified in court Tuesday; she was only 17 when she met him.

Richard Scott Brooks, 40, is charged with numerous felonies in a human trafficking case currently on trial. The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office alleges that he recruited his 17-year-old victim, referred to as Jane Doe, through Craigslist in July 2014, intending to pimp her out to other men. But first he had sex with her at her home during a four-day span while the teen’s mother and younger sister were out of state.

During her second day of testimony Tuesday, the teen, now 18, said she didn’t feel like she could turn Brooks down.

“He said that I didn’t have a say,” she said. “I had to like everything he told me to like.”

That included child pornography, she said, which he forced her to watch even though he knew the teen’s grandfather had molested her for years.

Yet, on cross-examination, defense attorney Matt Guerrero suggested that the teen initiated much of the contact, responding to the ad July 19, the same day her mother and sister left town.

He said that I didn’t have a say. I had to like everything he told me to like.

Jane Doe

Her first email response began, “I’m an 18-year-old slut,” according to her testimony. Then she wrote that she was seeking a sexual relationship “where you control me.”

The two exchanged more than 200 emails and texts, the teen said. In many of those, she set the parameters for an arranged meeting between herself and Brooks and what sexual activity they would do together and with others.

“We talked about making money by having me have sex with other people,” she told the jury.

As she drove to the Bay Area to pick up Brooks, she wrote several suggestive texts, including one that read, “Go ahead, do whatever you want with your little slut.”

Initially, she told Brooks she was 18 and that her identification had been stolen at a party. But after they arrived in Los Osos, she said, she told Brooks she was only 17.

On Monday, Deputy District Attorney Greg Devitt revealed that Brooks had tried to recruit another teen on a different occasion. In an email exchange with that teen, who said she was 15, Brooks said he knew the 15-year-old was “jail bait” and said he’d had sex with other girls under 18, Devitt said. “I love younger teens like you,” Brooks allegedly wrote.

In Los Osos, Brooks eventually placed a Craigslist ad offering Jane Doe to other men for money. One man, Oscar Higueros, 39, paid to have sex with her, Devitt alleges. Eventually, the teen moved in with Higueros, who faces numerous felonies as well.

Higueros, who has pleaded not guilty, is scheduled for trial Jan. 11.

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