Crimes involving Cal Poly were down last year. But arrests — mostly for drinking — were up

Reported crime involving Cal Poly declined in 2018 — but the number of arrests were up slightly over the previous year.

Most of those arrests involved alcohol or drugs.

The 2019 Annual Safety Report, which the university is required by law to publish each year, was released Thursday. It’s prepared through a cooperation between the Cal Poly Police Department, local law enforcement agencies surrounding the main campus and alternate sites, University Housing, the Dean of Students, Equal Opportunity, and Student Affairs.

It lists reported incidents of crimes involving students or reported to campus police involving anything from murder to robbery to domestic violence, as well as liquor, drug and weapons referrals and arrests.

“The safety of our campus community members is of paramount importance to the university, and we work diligently both to provide public safety services and to be open and transparent about how those services are employed throughout our community,” university spokesman Matt Lazier wrote in an email Friday.

Lazier added that the university police department’s proactive community policing efforts “seem to be having a positive impact on our crime statistics.”

Number of reported rapes declines

The data is categorized by incidents reported on campus (in residence halls), campus residential (on-campus apartments), off campus and on public property.

There were no murders or cases of voluntary or involuntary manslaughter involving the university in 2018.

There were, however, seven reported rapes in campus dorms, down from 10 the previous year, and five in campus apartments, down from seven in 2017.

There were no reported rapes involving students off campus (there was one in 2017) or on public property.

There was one incident of statutory rape at an off-campus location in 2018, whereas there were none in any of the locations the previous year.

There were four reported incidents of fondling, two in dorms and two in apartments, down from seven and three incidents in 2017, respectively.

There were no robberies in 2018, whereas there was one reported on public property in 2017.

There was one aggravated assault, on campus, down from two the previous year. Ten burglaries were reported, mostly in on-campus dorms, down from 18 in 2017.

Four vehicles were reported stolen on campus, as opposed to seven in 2017. Three vehicles were reported stolen at off-campus residences, and one stolen from public property.

Unlike 2017, there were three reported arson incidents, two of which occurred on campus with one reported at a campus apartment.

There were two reports of domestic violence on campus and five reported cases of stalking. There were eight cases of stalking on campus in 2017.

Drug and alcohol arrests increase

Arrests and referrals — cases in which citations were issued but no arrest was made — were slightly up in a couple of categories.

There were three more arrests for alcohol-related offenses on and off campus in 2018 than the previous year, with 50 arrests.

But the number of citations issued for alcohol went way down, from 582 issued in 2017 to 237 last year.

There were 21 drug-related arrests on and off campus, an increase of five over the previous year, but citations went up from nine to 12 in 2018.

There were four weapon-related arrests on campus, up from three the previous year, and two weapons-related citations, both on campus.

As in previous years, there were no hate crimes reported involving students.

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