Card skimmers discovered on two SLO County gas pumps

San Luis Obispo County officials recently found card skimmers at two area gasoline pumps during an investigation of service stations throughout the county.

Inspectors from the county Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures checked 204 gas pumps at 25 stations toward the end of 2017, according to a county news release.

During their investigation, inspectors found two skimming devices, one capable of capturing card and PIN numbers and another designed to transfer card information using Bluetooth technology.

David Aguayo, deputy agricultural commissioner/sealer, declined to disclose the locations of the skimmers, citing ongoing police investigations.

Card skimmers are devices embedded in gas pumps and spliced onto credit card readers, which allow identity thieves to gather credit and debit card information and PIN numbers when customers pay for fuel. There are typically no visible signs skimmers have been installed on gas pumps.

Martin Settevendemie, agricultural commissioner/sealer, encourages customers to pay for their fuel with cash or to run their debit cards as credit. He also suggests customers use pumps closest to gas station buildings and watch for security stickers that appear to have been tampered with or broken.

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