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RVs are in for some rough driving if roads around proposed Paso resort aren’t fixed

Paso Robles developer Tom Erskine has proposed a 290-space RV resort on the Links Golf Course, seen here on the left from Beacon Road in Paso Robles.
Paso Robles developer Tom Erskine has proposed a 290-space RV resort on the Links Golf Course, seen here on the left from Beacon Road in Paso Robles. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I was driving last week on Dry Creek Road in Paso Robles. The sign said, “Rough road, 45 mph.” But I didn’t go 45. I went about 35. If I went any faster, the shaking and rattling became alarming. After all, I was driving our 1993 Honda. As cars go, it’s a senior citizen.

I had turned onto Dry Creek Road from Airport Road. I was on my way to Jardine Road, which is also in Paso Robles — or not. I say “or not,” because a few hundred yards before I reached Jardine Road, I came to a sign that said, “Begin county maintained road.”

So I wondered if Jardine Road is within the Paso Robles city limits or not. And if not, why did the Paso Robles City Council vote unanimously last Tuesday to approve the building of a new resort for 290 recreational vehicles near the intersection of Jardine and Beacon roads. “Near” must be the key word.

And I also wondered why the county admits it maintains that section of Dry Creek Road, which is just as bad as the rest of Dry Creek Road. But before I could figure that out, I reached Jardine Road, which was in better shape, but not perfect.

Jardine is a narrow, two-lane road, but straight and with good pavement. But its good pavement doesn’t reach all the way to Beacon Road where the RV Park is planned. It also had signs saying “No passing.” I also noticed that all the community’s mailboxes are on Jardine Road.


Residents who don’t live on Jardine Road must get their mail there before driving home or otherwise walk back two or three blocks to get it. They must be hardy folks or they wouldn’t live there. And they have really large lots. Most are at least two acres. These are people who want elbow room and space.

Only Jardine Road is paved. The adjoining streets are really just hilly dirt roads. I’m glad I didn’t have to navigate them during last winter’s rains. I think someone once told me that the area was subdivided many years ago as a potential oil field that didn’t pan out. But whatever the reason, no improvements were ever required or made.

Now, however, at Jardine and Beacon roads, developer Tom Erskine of Paso Robles is planning to create a 230-acre RV resort. It will also include the Links Golf Course, which already exists, and some vineyards, a restaurant, a store and more.

Many people from the Jardine Road vicinity crowded Paso Robles City Hall last Tuesday and objected, but the city council still approved Erskine’s plans unanimously. He did make one large change. He offered to move the resort’s entrance from Jardine Road farther west to Aerotech Center Way.

I tried last Tuesday to drive from Dry Creek Road up Aerotech Center Way to the resort location. I didn’t make it. I met a sign saying the road was closed to the public and trespassers would be prosecuted. I scare easily. I didn’t trespass. Tom Erskine will need to changes the road blocker’s mind.

I also wonder who maintains Aerotech Center Way — the city of Paso Robles or the county and does it really matter?

Phil Dirkx’s column is special to The Tribune. He has lived in Paso Robles for more than five decades, and his column appears here every other week. Reach Dirkx at 238-2372 or phild2008@sbcglobal.net.

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