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San Miguel CSD board welcomes new member, gets down to business

Lynne Schmitz
Lynne Schmitz

At the December meeting of the San Miguel Community Services District Board of Directors, officers were chosen for 2017, committees were filled, and new board member Joe Parent was welcomed. Chairman is Anthony Kalvans, and vice chair is Larry Rueck. Gib Buckman and John Green complete the board.

Appointed to the committees were: Green and Rueck to Organization and Personnel; Parent and Buckman to Finance and Budget; Rueck and Parent to Equipment and Facilities; and Kalvans and Green to the Ad Hoc Committee, which deals with groundwater and conservation.

The CSD has offices in the Fire Department building.

The department always has openings for volunteer firefighters. Training is provided. Contact Fire Chief Rob Roberson at the department at 1150 Mission St. or call 467-3300.

Homes taking shape

Work is progressing on the self-help homes being built on east 11th Street, in between the raindrops.

Mercantile update

The San Miguel Mercantile has been closed this week due to grandchildren. Mike and Miki Sanders wish everyone a Happy New Year and have plans to add some new and interesting items to the store this year.

San Miguel schools

School reopens on Jan. 9 following winter break.

Watch for children and school buses as you drive mornings and afternoons. Remember it is necessary to come to a full stop when you approach a school bus with flashing red lights and not start again until they are turned off! It is the law as well as an important safety measure.

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