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TV commercials can be entertaining

Lon Allan
Lon Allan jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I don’t have a digital video recording device. I got rid of it several months ago.

I haven’t missed it. To this date, there has not been a single TV show that I said to myself, “I think I’ll record that.”

That’s fine with me. But commercials are another matter. I’ve always watched them — at times thinking they were better than the show I was watching along with them. Ever since the rules were relaxed on how many minutes you could have within a prime-time hour, we viewers have gotten the shaft.

Although I generally ignore the ads on television and use the commercial break to read and do something else, I do pay attention to some.

I especially like clever taglines, such as this one from Subaru: “Love, it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru.”

Another favorite is from The Tire Store, which reminds us “…prices are born here…raised elsewhere.”

And I find comfort in this one from Michelin Tires: “Safe when new, safe when worn.”

I like commercials with children in them.

Probably the only commercial that really has an impact on me are the ones by Folgers Coffee. I suddenly want to get up and put on a pot of coffee. I can almost smell it coming from the TV screen. My favorite Folgers ad is the one at Christmas that opens with the son coming home from college who slips into the kitchen. By by the time the coffee is ready, his mom is coming down the stairs to greet him. I think that commercial is why I enjoy coffee with my adult daughters, my brother and close friends.

Like everyone else I talk to, drug commercials make me instantly angry, as do political ads.

The ads that irritate me the most are those from Charter’s Spectrum TV because of their frequency and jingles, especially the rap tune.

Most recently, I’ve come to enjoy an ad from Volkswagen featuring a dog and his master asleep on the couch in front of a fan. Each is dreaming of being out on the road in their “dream machine.”

And finally, for me a statement on how addicted our society has become over this whole digital mess is an ad from AT&T, where a family is freaking out because they can’t get on the internet. The tag line is “Keep calm, your internet is on.”

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