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Call me a prude, but can you believe TV these days?

Lon Allan
Lon Allan

It is getting more and more difficult to watch television anymore without having to avert my eyes.

Fact is, I’m downright squeamish about the graphic details of dead and mutilated bodies that turn up on TV’s crime shows. The dictionary sitting on my desk describes squeamish as “being easily nauseated or shocked” and even suggesting that I am “prudish.”

I’ve never considered myself prudish, and as a reporter I have photographed many dead or severely injured human beings. I know what it looks like.

I know that someone has to die in a murder mystery or crime drama; a body turns up eventually. On TV it is usually in the first few minutes of the show.

But is that graphic detail necessary in the crime shows that are running on TV these days? My wife and I don’t think it is. You can tell a good story without the grisly wounds, cuts, abrasions and bullet holes depicted by the makeup artists showing everything from severed limbs to an open body cavity lying on the coroner’s workbench. We are especially bothered by scenes of torture wherein one human is inflicting extreme pain on another person. Frankly, it is too much to take in.

It isn’t healthy to watch. That realism, coupled with the increased sexual explicitness creeping into not only police drama, but situation comedy, makes us glad we don’t have young children sitting in the room with us.

We miss the David E. Kelley shows such as "Boston Legal" or "Harry’s Law" that revolved around two sides of an issue being debated in court.

Another troubling trend for me is the foul language now being allowed on television.

I’ve never been comfortable around foul language. I don’t know when the Federal Communications Commission relaxed the rules that allow the practice now. Bleeping the four-letter words does nothing to make it any less irritating.

At one time we consumers had some protection from such abuses on the public airwaves from the FCC.

Not so any longer.

It appears anything goes on television, and even more so in the movies.

Yikes! The dictionary is right. I think I have just exhibited prudish behavior.