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'If you see something, call Kathe': How you can make The Cambrian the best it can be

Kathe Tanner
Kathe Tanner

I need your help. Now.

As you’ve probably heard, McClatchy — owner of The Cambrian — is consolidating some jobs. The latest to be affected was The Cambrian’s Editor Steve Provost, whose last day at the paper’s helm was May 3.


Yes, we’ll all miss him a lot, but I bet I’ll miss him the most.

Steve edited the paper for three years plus. After my hours were cut back last May, he also took over reporting duties on a variety of topics, mostly governmental, for The Cambrian and The Tribune.

He did both jobs very well.

Without him now, it’s up to us — you and me — to soldier on.

The Cambrian has had editor changes before, of course. At last count, I’ve worked with at least 10 of them.

All worked here in Cambria. Most of them lived here.

And therein lies the difference between then and now.

The Cambrian’s new editors work in The Tribune’s San Luis Obispo office. I’ll write the stories they assign, and they’ll edit them. That’s what editors do, after all.

I’ve worked with SLO editors for years, and we have coordinated easily and smoothly. I’m sure we will again. It won’t be the same as having a resident editor, but it will function.

I still won't be working full time or anywhere close to it, so I certainly won’t be able to completely fill the huge gap created by Steve’s departure. I won’t even try. But I’ll do as much as I can in the time I’m allotted.

To accomplish that, I’ll need your help, now more than ever. Please keep me in the loop and up to date about what’s happening on the North Coast.

This is your paper, and you can help make it better than ever.

You know the awareness admonition of our times? “If you see something, say something?”

Well, that applies here, too.

“If you see something, tell Kathe.”

For instance, if you see a tree falling on a house, car crash, fire, major roadway that’s flooded or blocked, whatever — get yourself somewhere safe, call 911, scribble a few notes, get a picture or two and then let me know.

If you hear that a big movie star was spotted here, a local mom just had quadruplets or a new restaurant is opening. If you see a mountain lion downtown or there’s a rumor you want to confirm, let me know. Send me a Facebook message. Call me at 805-927-4140 — or talk to me downtown.

You’ll be my cub reporters, automatic members of my unofficial “007 Club” of tipsters.

Will stories about every tip wind up in The Cambrian? No. I can’t write up everything, and the paper won’t have room for it all.

Yeah, we’re little. But with your help, we’ll be mighty.

If you want a vibrant, interesting, timely paper about topics that interest you — in hard copy and online — then we’ve got to do this together. You and me, pal.

But you have to care, and you have to participate.

Read the paper. If you read it online, click on the stories, forward them to people you think might be interested. Tell us what you like and don’t like. Subscribe to the paper. Write letters to the editor.

Engage, people!

Bottom line, circulation, readership and advertising are what keep a newspaper in business.

I love this paper, and I think you do, too. It’s won awards for years, and it can again.

Neither of us wants The Cambrian to go away (not on my watch!). So please, help me make it the best it can be.

Here’s your chance to tell us how to make The Cambrian more relevant and useful to you. Send your feedback telling us what kind of news you want to read via email at, traditional mail at P.O. Box 67, Cambria CA 93428, or by stopping by the newsroom at 2068 Main St.

You can even hand them to me wherever we meet.