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Cambrian letters to the editor, July 28, 2016

Holly Smirl’s grandchildren, Sutter and Peyton, clean up trash on the beach in Cayucos.
Holly Smirl’s grandchildren, Sutter and Peyton, clean up trash on the beach in Cayucos. Special to The Cambrian

Cleaning up the beach after Fourth

We are residents of Cayucos and loyal readers of the Tribune and the old Sun Bulletin newspapers for 35 years. After the Fourth of July, we suggested to our grandchildren, who are 5 and almost 3, to go to the beach and clean up after all of the parties from the holiday celebrations. We do this every year after the Fourth and after Labor Day also.

Last weekend our family again combed the beach for trash. We feel it is good to be an example to our kids and grandkids that it is our responsibility to keep the beaches, as well as the greater environment, clean. This weekend we walked the beach in Estero Bay near Studio Drive in Cayucos and we spent some time cleaning up papers, fireworks, nails from wood burned on the beach, lots of flip flops, hats, diapers, cans, broken bottles and, sadly, some needles (luckily, capped with rubber stoppers).

I took a photo of Sutter,  2½, and his sister Peyton, 5½. While looking through my old files this week, I discovered an old Sun Bulletin news clipping from Sept. 20, 1990, of Sutter and Peyton’s mother, Heather, when she was 10 standing with her sister, 7-year-old Melena, after doing a beach cleanup. A lot has happened in 26 years, but we are glad to say that some things don’t change. We all love the beach and hope to pay it forward to the next generation that it is all of our responsibilities to clean up the beach so we all can enjoy it for years to come.

Holly Smirl, Cayucos

‘Company’ at CCAT well worth a look

We spent a delightful afternoon at Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre’s awesome production of “Company.”

Anyone familiar with Steven Sondheim’s work knows how complex his music and staging is, particularly for a small theater. Producer Nancy Green and director Jill Turnbow, along with their talented cast, superb musicians and staff, produced one of the best musical productions I’ve seen in this county. Treat yourself to this wonderful experience, playing weekends through Aug. 14.

Marilyn Fiebelkorn, Cambria

Replace Sanders, Robinette on CCSD

I’m a concerned Cambrian who has lived in this incredible community and environment for 25 years. I came here to live, enjoy and stay, not “make a killing” — and ensure that this unique quality of life is sustained for others to enjoy.

The views of a majority on our current Cambria Community Services District board do not reflect my interests. These directors have misrepresented facts in order to promote their own interests and the special interests they represent.

They repeatedly emphasized that the “Emergency Water Supply Project” ($14 million-plus) was necessary to cope with our dwindling water supply and, in no way, to promote growth. As soon as the project was completed, the board renamed EWS the “Sustainable Water Facility” and immediately dedicated it to sustained growth, not simply sustained water.

President Gail Robinette and appointee Greg Sanders must be replaced with trustworthy individuals looking out for the well-being of a majority of Cambrians, not primarily developers and speculators. We need transparent, responsible and accountable directors, not more of the same.

Donald Archer, Cambria