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Cambrian letters to the editor, July 14, 2016

CERT ‘Show and Tell’ July 18

Cambria residents are welcome to come to our CERT “Show and Tell” meeting.

Cambria Emergency Response Team is having our quarterly meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 18, at the rear of the Cambria Fire Department. CERT has this meeting annually to bring our members up to date with all the various types of emergency equipment that serves Cambria and that we in CERT work with.

We are scheduled to have an engine from the Cambria Fire Department, an ambulance from CCHD, NCOR rescue boat, a Cal Fire brush engine. We will also have one of our CERT trailers and our new storage shed open for inspection. Representatives from CERT and the other agencies will be there to answer questions about their equipment and what they do.

Because Cambria CERT is here to serve Cambria and to keep the citizens of Cambria informed we are inviting the people of Cambria to come and join us.

Jerry Wood, Cambria CERT assistant coordinator

Cambria: Demand better government

At most Cambria Community Services District meetings, public comment is greeted by the board like a handful of chicken pox from a party of Troglytes.

Feigned attention is usually blank stares — or on one occasion, advice by the general manager to chill.

Only Director Amanda Rice has had the temerity to publicly ask thoughtful questions about board policy. For that, she has been marginalized and treated as a pariah by President Gail Robinette.

In 2014, Robinette approved a declaration to the community that Cambria would run out of water in 90 days if an emergency water facility was not built. Two and a half years later and $13 million dollars and counting, Cambria still has not run out of water despite that fact that the facility has never produced a drop of potable water for residents.

My water bill, however, did increase substantially.

Nevertheless, the general manager gets a salary increase for this?

Melvin Dorin, Cambria

Thanks for authors event at vets hall

As we evaluate the July 2 event, the Cambria Historical Society and Friends of the Cambria Library wish to offer a hearty and heartfelt cheer of appreciation to all who participated in the Sesquicentennial Year’s showcase of the literary presence in our community.

We enlarged our original concept to recognize and honor writers at an “Authors Faire,” expanded to a Celebration of Cambria Authors; and as so many others ultimately joined in, to the Cambria Celebration of Authors!

We are gratified by the positive enthusiasm by all the writers and illustrators who displayed and autographed the work they sold, and shared a percentage of the proceeds on 300 books with us. But we are especially grateful to the untiring effort by our corps of volunteers who contributed their specific talents and energy to make it all happen! The event was indeed “Really Big,” and happily successful in every way!

The Cambrian and Tribune played a very important part in advance coverage, as the greatest number of attendees said they had read about it and seen the ads in the paper.

Penny Church, Jeri Ferrell, Consuelo Macedo, Cambria