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Cambrian letters to the editor, May 5, 2016

“Moon Over Buffalo” is playing at the Pewter Plough Playhouse in Cambria this month.
“Moon Over Buffalo” is playing at the Pewter Plough Playhouse in Cambria this month. Cambrian file photo

Pewter Plough provides laughs with ‘Buffalo’

Need a good laugh? The latest play at the Pewter Plough, “Moon Over Buffalo,” is hilarious! It was well cast, and the story was so entertaining.

Thank you to the hardworking folks who continue to make this community special by sharing their talents and their zest for fun with all of us. We are fortunate to have two theaters here in our midst, and it’s important that we locals show our support.

Cambria just wouldn’t be “Cambria” without theater. I hope you’ll all do your part to get out and enjoy the show — oh, and standing ovations are always appreciated!

Gail McBride, Harmony

Departure of Coast principal a mistake

It is with disbelief that I read of Dr. Jonathan Sison’s “resignation” as principal of Coast Union High School. No plausible reasons were given for this “settled agreement” between him and the school district. The only negative in the article is about the water, which, it seems to me, has nothing to do with Dr. Sison’s position as principal of CUHS.

In the two years of Dr. Sison’s settling in Cambria, he has become a formidable presence. He and his family have embraced Cambria by becoming involved in the community. From the stated qualifications and the personal mission of Dr. Sison, it seems to me we were very fortunate to have him directing the education of our children. CUHS ranks in the top 11 percent of schools nationwide — remarkable.

I truly believe this is a mistake and, if it is not remanded, we may see this same article two years from now with a different name.

Nancy Green, executive/artistic director, Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre

Drop Florez’s services to save CCSD money

During the April 28 CCSD board meeting, Financial Manager Patrick O’Reilly said that the line-item of Professional Services for $160,000 for the 2016-17 budget was to pay Balance Public Relations (BPR), Dean Florez’s company. This, despite the fact that the rate study shows a figure of $58,000.

Dividing that $58,000 by the $13 surcharge on Cambria Community Services District customers’ bill, you get 4,461, roughly the number of customers. Does this mean if you are to pay Florez $160,000, we will be faced with a surcharge of $35 in addition to the 116 percent increase on our base rate?

Director Amanda Rice asked where the money was coming from, and General Manager Jerry Gruber and O’Reilly replied, “From the rate hikes.”

Mr. Gruber said in our March 12 billing insert that our rate hikes were to pay for operating costs, not for Mr. Florez’s services.

Later, when discussing the possibility of having two short meetings instead of one long one a month, Gruber said that because the staff must also prepare for two BPR meetings a month, preparing for two board meetings would put the staff in “constant agenda prep mode.” It seems that if the board were to do away with Mr. Florez’s services, we would be able to save $160,000 and have board meetings that were more accessible to the CCSD customers.

Susan Ladrie-Mackey,