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Cambrian letters to the editor, April 14, 2016

All-American Recycling is at the center of a dispute over whether it should remain at the site near the Cambria Community Services District offices.
All-American Recycling is at the center of a dispute over whether it should remain at the site near the Cambria Community Services District offices.

Stats on health care in Cambria

I appreciate the recent summary of the Cambria Community Healthcare District’s Healthcare Needs Survey published in the March 31 edition of The Cambrian, but I feel it is important to share additional findings that residents may find interesting:

▪  Specifically, 75 percent of CCHD residents have a primary health care provider, although the majority (65 percent) need to go outside of CCHD boundaries to receive their care.

▪  Importantly, 79 percent of those who go out of CCHD boundaries would prefer to receive their primary care locally.

▪  When asked what improvements or changes they would like to see within the CCHD, 85 percent said they desired more locally available medical services, including more physicians and/or urgent care services.

The desire of residents for more locally available medical services makes sense. Research shows that four to five full-time primary care providers are needed to provide preventive, chronic and acute care to the 7,000 residents within the CCHD boundaries (Annals of Family Medicine 2012; Volume 10, Pages 396-400).

Currently, there are one full-time and two part-time physicians, and one full-time nurse practitioner in Cambria.

Altogether, 85 percent of those responding to the survey said they want more medical care in Cambria. The best way to meet the expressed need is the modern urgent care model, which provides primary care and walk-in services; lab, X-ray and diagnostic services and is connected to a larger health care system.

Laurie Mileur, Ph.D., RD, member, CCHD Health Professionals Committee

Relocate the recycling center

Regarding the well-written article concerning the recycling center relocation (April 7, Page 5):

One hopes that the petition referred to in the article makes it clear that we are asking only that the recycling center operate in a more suitable location. We support the recycling center — we just plead that it be relocated.

According to Walt Simmons, at the CalRecycle Convenience Zone Department, the Cookie Crock qualifies for a rural designation; this allows for the center to be up to 3 miles from the store. There is no cost to the county, city or Cookie Crock to obtain the rural designation. Tin City is centrally located less than a mile from the Cookie Crock, as are several City properties near the rodeo grounds.

The present location is horrible for residents living above it on Grove Street. The high-pitched noise from crushing glass and bottles is extremely loud and irritating (think fingernails on a chalkboard).

Furthermore, as noted by Rudy Rodriquez, there is no practical way to stop people from dumping trash at this site during off-hours. Thus, litter and blown trash is a problem at times. Previously, Rudy and Michelle could keep an eye on the site from their video store, but this is no longer the case. Rudy has stated that the center is not economically viable unless it does crush containers thus, the unacceptable noise will continue under new ownership.

Surely, since recycling can be considered a public service, space can be made available rent free on community property or, if CCSD can’t find a way to do this, perhaps a space could be donated in Tin City.

John Morrison, Cambria

Seniors at risk living alone

My wife and I are concerned about the 1,200 seniors living alone.

In the past few years, our suicide rate has increased, and we hear stories of seniors falling and not being helped for days. I have discussed our concern with CAN and they, too, recognize the problem.

I was asked to make a presentation to the Cambria Community Healthcare District. The staff at SLO Mental Health agrees that more attention should be given to the seniors in Cambria.

The following programs could be implemented:

1. Council on Aging and develop programs (grant money is available).

2. Buddy system

3. Phone help line, which would be available 24/7 to allow a citizen to converse with a trained and compassionate listener

Please contact us by email at if you agree with these stated concerns.

I would like to go to the Healthcare District with support from fellow Cambrians.

Thank you.

Robert and Lu-ann Kelley, Cambria