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Cambrian letters to the editor Jan. 23

Fire in the forest

We are all too aware of the fire dangers that surround us here in Cambria during this drought. Just recently Big Sur experienced a fire that destroyed 34 homes and hundreds of acres of land during a time when fires are mostly uncommon, but due to lack of rainfall it became high fire season.

In the past two months someone has built two fires in Strawberry Canyon, mere feet from homes on Burton and Berwick drives and the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you walk the trails in Strawberry Canyon you are aware of what a tinderbox this beautiful protected area is. So it comes as a shock that someone on Nov. 1 and Jan. 16 built fires in the same spot on the main trail with no concern whatsoever of the dangers.

The latest fire still had hot embers when we discovered it on our daily walk in the morning. Just imagine what one floating ember could have done if it landed on the surrounding dead pine needles!

Both times the fires were discovered the fire department was called and crews showed up to investigate (thank you to Fire Chief Mark Miller and his wonderful crew). These two incidences are a concern for the entire community because we will all be affected should a fire break out.

This letter is written in hopes someone knows something about these fires, as well as to bring attention to a very dangerous situation. If anyone knows anything about who is responsible, please contact our local fire department.

We are all in this together Cambria!

Gwynne Beatty and Richard Siler


‘Not in this town’

We are responding to John Brannon’s Viewpoint in the Jan. 16 edition of The Tribune. In the piece he recounts outrageous racist speech and acts directed toward Cambria’s new pharmacist, Alvin Ferrer, Pharm.D., who was born in the Phillipines.

It is shocking to learn about the examples of bigotry displayed by a few members of our usually open, friendly community.

As a retired couple with some health issues we are grateful to Dr. Ferrer. He has changed the pharmacy for the better under his ownership. That his wife is fearful to stroll her child is infuriating. We hope someone less arthritic than we will offer company.

In any case, no one should be subject to the outbursts of the ignorant. Not in this town — or any other.

Cecelia and Dick Moore


Don’t take the tank

Shortly after Cambria entered a water crisis this fall, the Cambria Community Services District made two tanks of non-potable water available to be used on landscape.

Many of us bought plastic tanks to utilize this water and CCSD even gives a $50 rebate to those who purchase a tank.

I understand, however, that the remaining water tank across from the Veterans Memorial Building will be removed in February.

I think this is a very poor decision, particularly in light of the fact we have yet to have any rain.

I urge the CCSD to reconsider this decision.

Warren Gay


Editor’s note: The district is looking for alternate location for the current tank at the skate park, according to General Manager Jerry Gruber, who said he also anticipates adding one additional tank at some point in time.

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