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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Jan. 9

Protecting resources

Editor’s note: The following letter from the Cambria Tourism Board is in response to a letter from Elizabeth Bettenhausen to the board which was published in the Oct. 24 Cambrian.

The Cambria Tourism Board is aware of the Cambria water crisis and the potential effect the increase in tourism could have on our community’s water resources. As residents and business owners in Cambria, this affects each of us as well.

We also must consider the livelihood of the Cambria lodging and business owners as well as their employed staff who rely upon healthy business to support their families and their ability to remain as residents here. There have been many times when, because of closings of Highway 1, businesses have severely suffered and many have closed, leaving both owners and staff without the ability to recover financially. It is our task, therefore, to both bring lodging business to our community to help support these businesses and at the same time do all we can to protect our water resources.

We are looking at several options for ways to improve both and would appreciate ideas that might help us to do so. Here are some of the ideas we are looking into:

1. Purchase tent cards for lodgings and businesses urging visitors to conserve our precious water resources.

2. Requiring all groups for which we help fund events to provide potable water for their event.

3. Communicating with local farm and ranch landowners about contributing some of their underground water resources to the community and working with the county to make that possible.

4. Fund a campaign with print collateral that can be placed in all lodgings and businesses communicating not only about the pristine environment, the history and culture, but also the need to conserve our precious and limited water resources.

5. Establishing programs and marketing materials that will draw environmentally conscious individuals as participants in maintaining our current resources.

We hope you will join us in considering ways to grow tourism business upon which much of our community entirely depends. This is not the task of a single organization, it is a community effort. Everyone needs to do their part to support our resources as well as our lodgings and other businesses, or this community will lose its wonder and beauty.

Bram Winter, chairperson; Nancy Carr, vice-chairperson; Pragna Patel-Mueller; Deborah Scarborough; Victoria Moreno; Linda Finley

Cambria Tourism Board

Check out this party

I could not stop smiling when the new library opened the day after Christmas. Everyone seemed so pleased with the result.

A very special “thank you” to the all the members of the team of Friends of the Library that worked so hard to make this happen. Another huge “thank you” to what I call, “this amazing community of Cambria” — you helped bring it all together.

Please join with the Friends of the Library to celebrate our opening at 5:30 p.m. January 29 at the new library.

Jeri Farrell, president

Friends of the Cambria Library

Gifts for troops

The Cambria American Legion Family has finished our Holiday Package Program.

Thanks to the people of Cambria, the military members from Cambria, San Simeon and Cayucos got boxes full of goodies and local news in time for Christmas.

This program could not keep going without the generous donations of the people who donated to this program through the mail, at the Cambria Farmers Market and at the Cambria Post Office.

We also owe a big thanks to Cookie Crook and Wal-Mart for their generosity in helping us with goodies to fill the boxes. We thank The Cambrian for wonderful publicity and for providing copies of the local newspaper for the troops.

We thank our local youth programs, including Girl Scouts, 4-H, Boy and Cub Scouts for volunteering to help.

This can be the loneliest time of the year for the members of the military serving us away from home. These packages will put smiles on their faces and warm their hearts. Thanks so much for helping us honor those who do so much for us.

Brian Griffin, commander

American Legion Post No. 432

Save the whales’ ears

I am very shocked and surprised that the U.S. Navy intends to engage in ocean war games using sonar and explosions that their own studies show will kill many whales and other marine life.

I do not support this behavior and I don't agree with them that it will somehow increase safety. I want them to stop killing whales and live up to their claim of being a “global force for good.”

Killing whales is not good.

Joey Racano

Los Osos

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