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Cambrian letter to the editor: January 17, 2019

Agrees that tourism unwanted

I could not agree more with Erv Rodgers’ recent letter to The Cambrian.

Even tourists are complaining about the overwhelming numbers of visitors to Cambria. A few years ago, I was standing on Main Street’s west village when a a couple of tourists, part of a group of eight, made the following comments: “Where are all of these people coming from? It was never before crowded like this when we visited Cambria!”

It is getting increasingly more difficult to move and drive around Cambria. Many locals (and visitors) are tired of trying to get down Main Street. I usually drive over to Highway 1 to bypass Main Street, as do many others.

So what will the tourism board do? Nothing probably! Is the board listening — does it even care?

Ann Hayworth, Cambria