Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: January 10, 2019

Tourism unwanted

Cambria suffered another devastating attack by the Cambria Tourist Board.

They again have put the citizenry on the hit list as the No. 2 top rated-destination in North America. We will be inundated with even more refugees fleeing the south to escape the traffic and congestion for a little rest and relaxation at our expense. Maybe it’s time we rein in the Tourist Board.

Do we really need a month of a Scarecrow Festival with people stumbling up and down Main Street like the walking dead? Two weeks is plenty. The light show at The Lodge is beautiful, but four weeks? Will a 200-foot Ferris wheel be next? So let’s take the $400,000 that the Tourist Board pockets yearly and spend it on Cambria, an unincorporated town, and its infrastructure. For example, contribute to the wastewater plant. The Tourist Board are the ones who benefit the most.

Erv Rodgers, Cambria

Physicians network ad misleads

The Coastal Communities Physicians Network (CCPN) advertisements placed in The Tribune (Dec. 2, 2018 and Dec. 12, 2018) are inaccurate and misleading.

The “ad” lists four doctors and two nurse practitioners captive in three CCPN offices. There are three more CCPN offices identified in SLO County. Currently, an HMO directory lists 54 primary doctors and 267 specialists from Paso Robles to Santa Maria.

However, the “ad” lists just 54 primary doctors. Some take only existing patients. CCPN intervenes between advertised HMO plans and doctors by reviewing medical procedures and referrals. Nurses claim CCPN is an insurance company advocate.

Insurance companies “decide” on CCPN versus patient issues. This proves advertising “Together With You “ is misleading. “HMO” doctors should be a “patient advocate.”

Patient calls to a SLO-CCPN staffed doctor’s office are usually rerouted to their remote Bakersfield office! Insurance companies should examine CCPN telecommunication, approvals and referrals to expedite patient care.

In comparison, HMO general dentists, dental specialists and affiliated laboratories are independent.

Werner Koch, Cambria