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Have a story to tell? This Cambria wine bar’s new weekly event provides the venue

Michele Pike becomes an animated storyteller at “Moonstone Memoirs” at Moonstone Cellars lounge on a December evening.
Michele Pike becomes an animated storyteller at “Moonstone Memoirs” at Moonstone Cellars lounge on a December evening. Special to The Cambrian

I love this town. There is so darn much creativity here to stimulate your imagination that you really have no reason to be bored.

And I don’t mean just looking at works from the amazing artists here who are quite numerous or watching the well-done plays or other stage performances regularly offered — or even listening to the live music that is offered somewhere in town nightly.

But there are also opportunities for you to get involved, to learn: Classes at the library or Camp Ocean Pines, through Allied Arts or Patty Griffin’s clay studio or glass blowing in Harmony or demonstrations and help at Cambria Beads or even brainstorming at Cambria Hardware (heaven knows I’ve picked all their brains there).

One of my favorite new things, well, let me back up. One of my all-my-life favorite things is listening to peoples’ stories. I like one-on-one conversations, I like lectures, I like eavesdropping at the coffee shop (come on, you all do… it’s a small town). I like asking questions in line somewhere and finding things out.

So imagine my smile when I heard that Moonstone Cellars is starting a regular evening of storytelling. I don’t mean reading a book out loud or anything like that. Anyone who cares to share a five- to eight-minute true story, no notes, just tell a little story about something in your life.

“Moonstone Memoirs, True Stories Told Live While Imbibing;” how fun is that? I mean, I don’t really drink wine, but it is so inviting!

And it was!

I attended the second night of this offering. The gathering takes place the first Wednesday of the month there at the Moonstone Cellars Lounge (behind the tasting room at 812 Cornwall St. in the West Village) from 6 to 8ish. It’s a $5 donation for the listeners (money is being raised for a mobility vehicle for an ALS sufferer) but free for storytellers. And storytellers get a glass of wine, if they’d like.

The theme on the evening I attended was, “Seconds” (as that was the second night they’d held this event). See, you don’t know what the theme will be, so it really is rather spontaneous. Well, then again, you may be clever enough to figure out how to tie in the theme with your chosen tale.

Perhaps you do have a story in mind you’d like to share. Be comfortable with it, hone it down (not as a rote telling but precise) and then be willing to be flexible to make it fit the theme or choose another.

They even offer tips on their website on how to tell a good story (

“Have some stakes…” “It must be YOUR story to tell…”

“Have a great first line that sets up the stakes and grabs attention.”

“Please respect the time limit”

Also, please, no rants, stand-up one-liners, racism or other socially derogatory opinions.

There were funny stories, trippy stories, exciting stories and just plain short and sweet ones. No judgment.

Seating is limited, so you may wish to email them first at Or call them at 805-927-9466 to confirm a spot. I just dropped in, but I imagine as this catches on it could get crowded.

That’s my hot tip for the week! Now, if I could just settle my brain down enough to pick just one story… and not digress too much.

Dianne Brooke’s column is special to The Cambrian.
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