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Cambrian letters to the editor: December 6, 2018

My charge to new CCHD board

My charge to the newly elected Board of Trustees of the Cambria Community Heathcare District: Now that you have been duly elected by the citizens of the district, you have accepted an awesome responsibility.

I charge you all to work for the benefit of the citizens to provide ambulance service, promote all forms of healthcare and most importantly manage the funds you have available in a professional manner to continue or expand these services. You also need to be acutely aware that the CCHD is a public agency that has different laws, rules and requirements than similar operations in the private sector.

You are totally responsible to the citizens of the CCHD whether they voted for you or not. In addition, you need to respect and support in every way possible the employees and ambulance crews that are the “boots on the ground” and the “visible” aspect of the CCHD. Wishing you well in your efforts.

Jerry Wood, Former Trustee and Board President