Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: November 29, 2018

Thank you from Cambria Connection

Again this year, it’s an honor to thank the Cambria Community Council for its support.

Because of our generous community, we will continue to deliver existing programs and develop new ones to meet the needs of Cambrians and our neighbors in San Simeon.

Thanks to the council, we’ll deliver lunches to kids in need over the summer school break, host our annual July Fourth community celebration, provide services to the less fortunate and bring several “Empowering Seniors” events to our community through The Villages of Cambria.

And, as we have done for many years, the Connection will also continue to host 12-step meetings, community counseling services, senior services and social services for the benefit of our community.

From everyone at the Connection, thank you!

Stevan Rosenlind, President, The Cambria Connection

Duo puts on memorable jazz show

Making a special West Coast tour stop in Cambria on Nov. 18 to visit with follow jazz vibraphonist Charlie Shoemake, Mark Sherman of the famed Juilliard School in New York treated more than 30 lucky Cambrians to a performance to remember.

Both Sherman and Shoemake took turns simultaneously playing their individual vibes and then alternating on the baby grand piano. With Darrell Voss on drums, Dylan Johnson on bass and Sandi Shoemake adding her fabulous vocals, the end of the concert was marked by a rare, but well-deserved, standing ovation.

Giovanni Grillenzoni offered some new meal choices like a delicious roast chicken pizza and an organic cucumber salad with smoked salmon, and of course old standbys like his chicken ciabatta and Harmony burgers. Don’t miss the semi-annual fundraiser for the Central Coast Jazz Institute Dec. 2nd at the Harmony Cafe.

Iggy Fedoroff, Cambria

Voters didn’t understand tax propositions

Prop 5 (senior property tax reduction) and Prop 6 (gas tax repeal) were rejected by California taxpayers.

This explains the homeless and exodus problems. It is suggested naive tax payers were “brain washed.” Civics and Economics 101 should be required in high school. For example, millions were spent to defeat Prop 6 by special interest groups such as state officials, firefighters and construction groups.

California funds are misallocated.

There are approximately 500 agencies, where some duplicate others, that have outrageous salaries, benefits and pensions. Unionized thinking prevents combining redundant agencies, minimizing management levels, outsourcing, pay increases based on merit, cost savings-award programs, “not spending all” and pension debt payoff without increasing taxes. Unions siphon off salaries to influence government officials with media propaganda, infiltrate, demonstrate, provide perks, contribute funds to campaigns and for potential litigation.

California is not a “right to work” state. Twenty eight states have enacted “right to work” rules, which ends forced unionization of workers. Hence, a new proposition besides another 5 and 6 need taxpayer approval.

Werner Koch, Cambria