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Cambrian letters to the editor: November 1, 2018

Don’t believe accusations against CSD board candidate

When issues become inconvenient, false accusations are made the issues. Such have been leveled against me as a candidate at Cambria CSD by out-of-area special interests supporting other candidates for the board.

I don’t participate on social media as I believe it has become toxic to our democracy. But people who do have reported to me I’m being accused of not being a full-time resident of Cambria and that I live in Oregon. I live in Cambria full time and have no residence in Oregon.

I’m also accused of misrepresenting my education and my career path. To set that record straight: My Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly, the MBA earned from UC Irvine and Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine are easily verifiable. What we don’t hear the lawyer and communication specialist accusers doing is addressing the issues of lack of preventative maintenance in our infrastructure, the financially catastrophic Emergency Water Supply that has nearly bankrupted the district, the contract to finance it that that holds as collateral all the revenue of Cambria or the need to update catastrophic fire prevention requirements.

I’d rather talk about those issues that they won’t face.

Dennis Perry, Cambria

Steidel, Wharton not suited for CSD board

I was surprised when Aaron Wharton and Cindy Steidel decided to run for the CCSD directors positions. It has been my personal experience that these two individuals are not emotionally mature enough to handle the pressure involved in such a difficult position as director of the CCSD.

Remember, Wharton’s abusive verbal outburst at CCSD board President Rice during a contentious CCSD discussion? I do.

Remember Steidel’s online attacks of local activists whom she was in disagreement with, on a internet blog called Cambria Open Forum? I do.

Remember Wharton’s discrediting a distinguished member of our community, and referring to him as a “liar” during a public CCSD meeting? I do.

Currently, these two candidates have cleaned up their acts, no longer blogging on COF or verbally attacking Cambrian citizens in public. What guarantee do we have that Wharton and Steidel will not revert back to their old behaviors?

Directors Pierson, Rice and Farmer make an excellent team. The addition of these two volatile individuals, Aaron Wharton and Cindy Steidel, would only disrupt the smooth process of governance required to get the district through these trying times. Vote wisely on Nov 6.

Leslie Richards, Cambria

I support Mileur for CHD

When my husband and I announced our impending move to Cambria, our friends and family nearly always asked, ”But what about healthcare?”

The ability to secure the services we need for routine and crisis care is of paramount concern to all of us, but can be a challenge in a small rural area. That’s exactly why I support Dr. Laurie Mileur for the Cambria Community Healthcare District board.

I have talked with Laurie extensively about the issues facing our residents and visitors when it comes to securing health services – like maintaining local control and sufficient coverage from our ambulance service, bringing more providers to the area so we can stay local, and making smart financial decisions so we can afford it all. It’s clear that Laurie has the knowledge, experience and passion to make positive changes happen for all of us. She cares deeply about our well-being – not just in times of crisis, but in order for each of us to enjoy good health every day.

We have the opportunity in this election to take a significant step toward getting the local healthcare we deserve. I’m doing my part by voting for Dr. Laurie Mileur for CCHD Director. I encourage you to do the same.

Judy Levine, Cambria

I support Steidel, Wharton for CSD

Do you want community leaders who make sound financial decisions based on what is best for Cambria? Do you want to see our local leaders working together to find the right solutions for our infrastructure, fire safety and water security needs? If you do, then please vote for Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton for CCSD Director.

Cindy has over 30 years experience in finance and project management in government contracting industry. The professional tools she developed have already been utilized in local organizations such as the CCSD Finance Subcommittee, North Coast Advisory Council and the Buildout Reduction Programs Citizens Committee.

Aaron was appointed to the board in 2017. He is a successful Cambria business owner and has children in the local schools. Aaron brings a new perspective to the board and has a vision of what is best for Cambria to remain a viable tourist destination and also a place to raise a young family.

We need Cindy and Aaron’s fiscal leadership as our community repairs aging infrastructure and takes action to ensure fire safety and water security.

Mary Maher, Cambria

Mileur best for CHD

A few months ago, my friend and neighbor, Dr. Laurie Mileur, asked me to help her campaign to become a Cambria Community Healthcare District Director.

I tried to talk her out of it, but she was resolute that she is uniquely qualified to help our district have the best possible healthcare including local ambulance service and attracting medical businesses that provide what Cambria, San Simeon and surrounding rural residents need. So I agreed to assist where I could.

Laurie has shown me time and again that her experience as a healthcare professional, combined with being incredibly bright and articulate, make her a wonderful choice to serve on the CCHD. Listening to her along with candidates Iggy Fedoroff and Bill Rice, I have been made aware of governance choices made by previous CCHD board members which I find to be sub-optimal at best, and potentially damaging at worst.

I’m filling in my bubbles for CCHD Directors in front of the names of Dr. Laurie Mileur, Bill Rice and Iggy Fedoroff because I trust them to do what is right for healthcare in our district!

Mark Kantor, Cambria

I support Howell for CSD

I want to say how proud we are to be part of Donn Howell for CCSD Director’s campaign team.

Donn has been a Cambria homeowner since 1998. He has had over 30 years of experience in information technology, which involved financial and business analysis, programming and problem solving. Being so proficient in these areas makes him just what this district needs on the board. He also has excellent listening, communication and people skills.

Donn is retired and has made a point of attending and participating in CCSD meetings for several years, spending the days between the posting of the agenda packets and the meetings studying the agenda and accompanying documents to be sure he is knowledgeable on all issues facing the board. He has done the same with attending and participating in the meetings of the Standing Committees on Finance and Infrastructure, and is in fact now a member of the Infrastructure Committee.

Anyone who has seen Donn speak at the CCSD meetings has witnessed his calm, respectful and accurate comments.

Donn will be committed to making sure that the ratepayers monies will be spent as promised, on the dire needs of our water and wastewater infrastructure.

Donn will be a valuable addition to the CCSD Board of Directors. We urge everyone to cast their vote for Donn Howell for CCSD.

Karen and Allan Dean, Cambria

I support Howell and Perry for CSD

We are all “pro-water.” Donn Howell and Dennis Perry are “pro-water.” The pond turtles and fishes and egrets are “pro-water.” How we got that water, how much it cost, how it would be permitted, who paid for it, and who will use that water has always been in contention. How will draining Santa Rosa and San Simeon creeks affect our wildlife?

None of those serious, complex and critical issues have been answered. No one knows what will be permitted, yet the pro-growth candidates, Wharton and Steidel, want to add homes even when the project isn’t running!

How does adding more homes ensure our water security? How does growth guarantee this water will be “insurance against future droughts”? How will adding more demands on water supply protect the fishes and pond turtles and red-legged frogs? How does adding more homes protect residents?

The short answer is, it doesn’t. We are all paying dearly for propaganda, the CSD’s failure to deliver on promises, and its public relations machine supporting candidates Wharton and Steidel.

Our rate increases will never be enough to fix all the problems that continue to be ignored by the current majority. The same people are still supporting the same failed policies that got us into this mess. Don’t vote for more of the same.

I encourage Cambria ratepayers to protect their investments by electing Donn Howell and Dennis Perry to bring financial accountability back to our water and sewer district, if it isn’t too late.

Mary Webb, Cambria