Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: October 18, 2018

I support Howell for CSD

I will cast my vote for Donn Howell for the Cambria Community Services District Director position.

Why? Mr. Howell possess something very unique in our society today, he listens and gathers information before making a major decision. It’s the kind of person he is. Donn will make a genuine effort to get input from all of Cambria’s water customers before voting on big issues. Facts are also hard to find these days, but Donn will sift through all the information available to determine what is relevant and factual prior to taking a stand on issues facing the District.

Donn is not a newcomer; he has lived here for over 20 years. He loves the town and wants to pay back for the good times he has enjoyed here. He will support what is best for all of Cambria. Vote for Donn, you won’t be sorry.

Warren Gay, Cambria

We support Perry, Howell for CSD

We wholeheartedly support Dennis Perry and Donn Howell in their run for the CCSD board.

These two gentlemen are well-educated, accomplished and, moreover, have good, solid ideas to get the budget and solution to water woes back on track. Lastly, we know Donn and Dennis to be levelheaded and evenhanded. They are eager to listen to — and be the voice of — all Cambrians.

Gail Stevens and Bob Fountain, Cambria

I support Mileur for CHD

It’s not often that we find a perfect alignment between the needs of a governing board and a candidate running to serve on that board.

In this election season, our Cambria Community Health District is that board, and Dr. Laurie Mlleur is that candidate. Laurie represents the very best candidate for the CCHD board.

As a clinician, educator and research professor, Laurie is a highly qualified health care professional. She brings know-how to develop and implement policy and monitor program effectiveness. She’ll make a difference and the board can only be better with the addition of her significant knowledge and skills.

Laurie is passionate about ensuring CCHD provides timely emergency services to Cambrians in need, creates programs that promote wellness and enhances access to health care for all members of our community.

I know Laurie. I know she’s committed, she’s smart, and she has a terrific sense of humor. She has my vote. She deserves yours.

Andy Pickar, Cambria