Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: October 4, 2018

I support Wharton for CSD

Aaron Wharton was appointed to the CCSD, and he has done a wonderful job.

He has shown he has the leadership ability to get along with the public, staff and his fellow board members. It is great have a local businessman with kids in our schools bringing a younger perspective to the board. He has earned your vote to keep him on the board for four years.

Cindy Steidel has been serving on the CCSD Finance Committee, and she has brought her professional business acumen to that committee. She has a strong background in business management. She has been active for years attending CCSD meetings and studying the important topics.

She is ready to hit the ground running and do the necessary work to make the board and CCSD run smoothly.

Both of these candidates are so far above the other candidates that it is not fair to compare. I admire all who are willing to serve and run for public office. There are too many critically important issues facing the CCSD, and we don’t have time to train inexperienced people. I urge my fellow Cambrians to vote for Aaron Wharton and Cindy Steidel for the CCSD director positions.

Brian Griffin, Cambria

I support Steidel, Wharton for CSD

Character, competence and compassion. These things are missing in Washington, but we have them right here with CCSD candidates Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton.

The CCSD’s challenges include obtaining a permanent permit for the SWF, aging infrastructure, improving financial reporting and cost control. We need directors with the real-world experience to understand finance, focus on objectives, plan and properly execute plans. Cindy and Aaron fit the bill.

Both support the SWF and permanently permitting it to help avoid future water emergencies. Both already work hard for Cambria.

We need Cindy’s vast experience in project and risk management, budgeting and cost control. Cindy has served on the Buildout Reduction Program Committee and currently serves on the North Coast Advisory Council and the recently-formed CCSD Finance Committee.

Aaron is the only incumbent running, having been appointed a year ago from a large applicant pool. He has exceeded my high expectations, quickly focusing on the key issues facing us. His vision and experience founding and running the 927 Brewery have served us well. He is a family man with a vested interest in our future.

The CCSD needs people like Cindy and Aaron. They need our votes on Nov. 6.

Clive Mettrick, Cambria

I support Steidel, Wharton for CSD

I am writing to offer a full throated endorsement of Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton for CCSD Director. Cindy and Aaron are clear they will work to permit the Sustainable Water Facility for regular use, under local control, to sustain our town, prevent emergencies, protect our aquifers from salt water contamination and subsidence and, in dry summer months, promote a healthy environment. The other two candidates running for CCSD Director have been equivocal, at best, on this important issue.

Beyond the SWF, Cindy (with 30-plus years finance, budgeting and project management experience in the public contracts industry) will help guide the district through necessary infrastructure improvements at costs ratepayers can afford. Aaron, a local business owner/operator, has already achieved much needed improvements to the CCSD during his short term as an appointed director.

Vote for Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton for CCSD Directors. We can’t afford not to.

Mark Rochefort, Cambria

I support Mileur for CHD

I have known Dr. Laurie Mileur since she moved to Cambria and have seen firsthand her commitment to helping our community.

I have witnessed how hard she has worked on the local healthcare advocacy committee and immersed herself in understanding the operations of our Cambria Community Healthcare District.

Now she is working to become a director on the CCHD to represent your healthcare needs. We would be fortunate to have someone so smart, dedicated and willing to selflessly serve our district on that board. Dr. Laurie Mileur has my vote for CCHD, and I urge readers to do the same.

Diane Kubat, Cambria

I support Steidel for CSD

Cambria deserves CCSD leaders who are transparent, fact driven and fiscally responsible. Cindy Steidel is that leader and the right candidate for Cambria CSD. Cindy has demonstrated thoughtful leadership and commitment to a sustainable future for Cambria through her work on the Buildout Reduction Program Citizens Committee and the North Coast Advisory Council. I know Cindy and hold great respect for her thoughtful, evidence-based positions on supporting a sustainable water supply and necessary infrastructure improvements for Cambria’s future.

While supporting these necessary capital investments, Cindy also has significant experience and success in prudent fiscal management and project management. I am confident that Cindy will pursue a bright, viable future for Cambria, while successfully balancing fiscal realities with necessary expenditures. As a colleague member of the North Coast Advisory Council, I have observed Cindy’s wise use of facts, openness to the opinions of others and reasoned, articulate expression of her own opinions and positions. Cindy Steidel is the right candidate for CCSD and the right leader for Cambria today and tomorrow. Vote for Cindy Steidel.

John Nixon, Cambria

I support Wharton for CSD

Aaron studied architecture and environmental studies at Modesto Junior College. He then transferred to Cal Poly to study regional planning, but had to stop his education that same year. He met his wife who lived in Cambria in 1992. They were married, and they moved to Modesto. Aaron had learned of the water issues and politics in Cambria and followed the problems during the drought years from Modesto.

He finished his education with a business administration degree and concentrated on human resources management.

He also became more educated in dealing with local, state and federal government agencies in planning.

He moved to Cambria in 2009. He invested in Cambria’s future with a new business and two daughters.

He opened a very successful business in craft brewing in 2012. In the meantime, Aaron attended many CCSD board meetings.

He got more involved in CCSD politics after moving to Cambria with his family. In 2017, Aaron was appointed to the CCSD board seat vacated by Michael Thompson. Aaron is a proponent of open communication, transparency, the Sustainable Water Facility (SWF) being approved by all government agencies and the final permit issued, as well fiscal accountability in all departments.

Aaron has been very active on the board since he was appointed. He has unfinished district business and there for he is running for the CCSD for a full four-year term.

Vote Aaron Wharton in November

Mel McColloch, Cambria