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Cambrian letters to the editor: September 27, 2018

Fiscalini Ranch thanks crew

The board of directors for Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve (FFRP) would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation for Carlos Mendoza, CCSD Facilities and Resources Supervisor and Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Manager and his crew, Alberto Novas and Tim Omarr. Carlos has been an exemplary partner and collaborator with FFRP when it comes to managing the ranch preserve, a beloved community asset in our town.

Recently, the crew completed a renovation of the Bluff Trail, a project much appreciated by all who enjoy the fresh air and ocean views.

FFRP, a nonprofit organization, holds the conservation easement to the ranch preserve, while the Cambria Community Services District actually owns it. Not everyone who uses or visits the ranch knows that FFRP and CCSD partner to maintain the property. Our shared responsibilities include keeping the trails clear, managing the forest health and mitigating fire risk by removing fuel loads.

Together, we are dedicated to keeping this precious space open to the public for enjoyment, education and light recreation.

Thank you to Carlos, the CCSD and to all of our supporters — volunteers, members and donors — who make protecting and maintaining the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve a joy.

Board of Directors, FFRP

I support Mileur for CHD

Laurie Mileur is a calm, well-spoken, intelligent, fun friend of mine. She is a great lady, has a doctorate in the health field and certainly is qualified to be on our town’s healthcare district board. Her priority is to consider us in working to best fulfill our community’s healthcare wants and needs.

Laurie does her homework. As well as studying the health matters of our community, she has studied the “health” of our healthcare district budget. I found it impressive that she researched other districts for insights in keeping the budget in check without compromising needed healthcare resources.

Laurie is on our side. You can count on her to represent us as a well qualified, resourceful member of our healthcare board. She is ready, willing and able; and we will be in good hands.

Vote for Laurie!

Connie Alsbrook, Cambria

I support Bill Rice for CHD

Yes, let’s do something different this time. Let’s use the upcoming election to put the right people in the right elected positions. What a new and different idea. We have people who choose to run for these positions more qualified than any I’ve seen since moving to Cambria in 2005.

The Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) is currently facing some very real and significant financial challenges. The board majority has allowed the Health District to deficit spend for the last six consecutive fiscal years. Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but we can impact the future by putting the right people in as new directors. One such person is Bill Rice.

Bill has over 40 years of financial experience with the last 25 years in healthcare.

He is a former chief financial officer of a health plan and has held senior financial positions in three other major healthcare organizations. He has an MBA and he is also a CPA. Bill is the right person, with the right background, with the experience, understanding and vision needed to turn the health district around. Let’s put Bill Rice, along with Laurie Mileur and Iggy Fedoroff on the CCHD Board on Nov. 6 . Let’s get it right this time.

Michael Nielson, Cambria

Please protest CSD fee increase

Ignoring the protest in writing of this latest Cambria Community Services District rate increase proposal is like ignoring one’s teeth - ignore teeth, they will go away. Ignore the protest, your money will go away.

Where? We are not told. How much? Not sure.

Remember folks, indifference to acting on this means you approve and so your vote is counted as such. As contrary to a democratic process as this sounds it is nonetheless so.

Also remember, tax increases never go in reverse, unless of course you are Goldman Sacs or friends thereof. Anybody?

Take action please.

Geoffrey Palmer, Cambria

I support Steidel for CCSD Board

Wouldn’t you want every member of the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors to have the following qualities: A good listener who makes decisions based on facts not pre-conceived notions; an intelligent and excellent communicator that engages discourse with all participants; has a pleasant and engaging personality; is a retired professional with expertise in business, finance, human relations, and managing large complicated projects; and has been a valued member of the North Coast Advisory Council reporting to Supervisor Bruce Gibson on matters of importance to the citizens of Cambria?

Does this remind you of anyone who is a candidate for the CCSD Board? Yes, you are correct: my good friend of 18 years, Cindy Steidel.

Cindy will make a difference on the board, and most importantly with her financial, budgeting, business acumen and positive personality.

Michael Walsh, Cambria