Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: September 20, 2018

Protest CSD rate increases

The Cambria Community Services District Board approved a five-year rate increase that became effective March 1, 2016. Rates increased 4 percent more on March 1, 2017, again on March 1 this year and are scheduled to go up by 4 percent on in March 2019 and 2020.

Now, they say more funds are needed for our aging infrastructure – the same reason they gave us for raising rates the last time around. After the 2016 increase, the board raised the general manager’s salary higher than 41 U.S. governors.

After the second increase, they wanted to purchase the old library, renewed the contract for their Sacramento lobbyist and focused spending on the non- operating, unpermitted, poorly designed Sustainable Water Facility (SWF). No substantial investment was made in our crumbling wastewater system.

They are coming to us again with their hands out. The want to increase rates again. If they prevail, water bills, SWF fixed rates , SWF metered water use rates and wastewater rates will all be significantly higer. Please protest all proposed rate increases. Vote for CCSD candidates Donn Howell and Dennis Perry to bring fiscal accountability, transparency and common sense to the board.

Sherri Bell, Cambria

Support for Howell, Perry for CSD

In November, Cambria rate payers have the opportunity to elect two new Cambria Community Services District board members and change the status quo of the board.

Candidates Donn Howell and Dennis Perry will bring transparency, financial stability, trust and civility to the CCSD Board. They will hold public discussions similar to Harry Farmer’s Table Talks and will listen to our concerns before making decisions that affect our community. Please stop by Farmers’ Market to meet these two candidates.

John Bell, Cambria

In November, I will cast my votes for Don Howell and Dennis Perry as I am frustrated with the merry-go-round of the past and current board’s constant shenanigans. I believe both of these candidates will not have to resort to “scare tactics” when representing Cambria’s future, and will also present a fair and balanced report of CCSD’s fiscal condition.

Rita Burton, Cambria

I support Wharton, Stiedel for CSD

It is without hesitation or reservation that I support the election of Aaron Wharton and Cindy Stiedel for the Cambria Community Services District Board.

Wharton is serving as an appointed director, I believe, deserves a four-year term to continue his work. He took his vision of building a business in the community and made it a reality and is, currently, the only business owner on the board. He is married to a local and the father of two in our school system. He brings a younger and broader perspective of Cambrian issues and needs. He has supported our community generously and proven his love for and best interest in Cambria. I am proud to be his campaign treasurer.

I have known Stiedel for 20 years. Her education, experience, intelligence, integrity and innate common sense are unequaled and she will make an excellent addition to the CCSD Board. Others list the details I speak from personal experience.

In addition, both have a marvelous sense of humor.

Please vote Aaron Wharton and Cindy Stiedel for CCSD Board in 2018.

Dixie Walker, Cambria

I support Steidel for CSD

Using her 30 years of business experience, Cindy Steidel has volunteered time to serve on the Cambria Community Services District Board Finance Subcommittee to improve the district’s spending discipline. Because of her love of Cambria, living in the community for 21 years, she has also served as vice chair of the North Coast Advisory Council and the Buildout Reduction Program Citizens Committee.

She has the financial expertise to make an important contribution to the district. For us, her support of the Sustainable Water Facility and her love of the community are the reasons we enthusiastically support her.

Jim and Linda Douglass, Cambria