Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: September 13, 2018

CCHD candidates to attend forum

This Sunday, Sept 16, Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) residents have a great opportunity to hear from all candidates seeking to be CCHD directors in November. At 4 p.m., all CCHD candidates have been invited to participate in a forum at the Joslyn Center at 950 Main St. I am supporting Dr Laurie Mileur, Bill Rice and Iggy Fedoroff, and think that you’ll agree after you hear them speak. It’s a great time to get involved starting right here at home.

The candidates will start with short introductions, then the public will be allowed to ask questions about how the CCHD works and what they’d like to change if elected as directors. A shout out of thanks to the Joslyn Center board for hosting this forum of great community importance. We deserve intelligent, motivated leadership on the CCHD. Come see why Fedoroff, Mileur and Rice are the right fit for our healthcare district!

Martha Goodwin, Cambria

Reject CSD rate increases

We are so blessed to live in Cambria; it’s been our home for 34 years. Looking back, this community has been plagued with the same problems: growth vs. no growth.

Millions of dollars have been invested into Sustainable Water System, which has put a strain on the cash flow for other departments such as improvements to the sewer infrastructure we hear so much about in need of repair. Unfortunately for us the rate payers we are asked again to belly up additional money to fund water, sewer and the Sustainable Water System with rate increases.

We are already in the middle of a five-year increase. Cambria Community Services District suffers from poor decisions making. With this being said, we need to make our voices heard. No new additional rate increases. Please join me and vote no on all propose rate increases in their entirety by submitting your written protest. Don’t let them put your hard earn money in a black hole, and then turn around a give themselves salary adjustments.

Changes need to be address starting with a complete new board. I urge you to vote for Dennis Perry and Donn Howell for Cambria Community Service Directors.

Cheryl McDowell, Cambria

I support Steidel for CSD

I have known Cindy Steidel for 20 years. When I think about a candidate for CCSD Board, I realize she is the perfect person to fill such an important position in our community.

Not only is she highly qualified with more than 30 years experience in finance and project management in government, but she has been actively involved in our community. Her involvement with The North Coast Advisory Council, as well as serving on the Buildout Reduction Program Citizens Committee, gives her the experience and insight to deal intelligently and fairly with ongoing infrastructure upgrades and financial obligations.

We are so fortunate to have a candidate such as Steidel. She will be fair and objective when making decisions that will impact all of us in this community.

Beezie Moore, Cambria

Thanks to Follies cast and crew

Many thanks to the cast and their director/writer of this year’s Pinedorado Follies show.

Randy Schwalbe did a bang-up job of bringing the show back to its down-home Cambria roots, and we all relished seeing our friends perform so well. It was a real joy.

We’re looking forward to next year, you all!

Ruth Fleming, Cambria