Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor: September 6, 2018

Support Steidel for CSD

My wife and I have lived in Cambria since 1988.In three decades, we have seen our Community Services District spend millions of dollars on studies. And finally, a few years ago, the CCSD took positive action to construct the Sustainable Water Facility (SWF) well ahead of running out of water.

Now, with capital needs clearly foremost, the CCSD needs to keep tight control over operational spending, not just in the water, wastewater and SWF enterprise funds but in the general fund, as well. On the capital side, the new revenue should be spent according to well thought out and frequently-reviewed priority lists, with major projects subject to procurement processes that lead to best value.

Cindy Steidel has over 30 years experience in finance and project management, working for companies like General Electric. Her professional responsibilities included project management, risk analysis, financial guidance, direct and indirect budgeting, setting overhead rates and reviewing competitive bids. The professional tools she developed throughout her career are what are needed at the CCSD now to assure Cambria’s taxpayers get the most from dollars spent by the Services District. Steidel and Aaron Wharton will work well together as Directors of the CCSD — elect them both!

Iggy Fedoroff, Cambria

Cambria residents have faced many years of tough decisions, and the results have not always been to the liking of everyone, nor will they ever be. Unfortunately life does not get easier, and our community is a prime example. That is why we need a strong director in the CCSD who has the drive, skills and desire to guide this community into the future. It’s not a time to bury our heads in the sand or to go backwards.

Cindy Steidel has lived in Cambria for 21 years and has been an active member, both socially and administratively, in serving the community. She understands its needs and has the desire and the drive to move forward, to work hard with the community in achieving the optimum results for our citizens.

Steidel brings to the board professional skills sets that are really needed to address today’s challenges. Her 30 plus years of managerial experience focusing on budgetary and financial planning and controls are what the CCSD needs. She has served on the CCSD Finance Subcommittee. These are the skills needed to address the infrastructure challenges that Cambria faces.

I worked with her for over a year as a co-member of the Buildout Reduction Committee. During that time, she displayed the ability to be creative, produce an excellent work product and to communicate and work well within a diverse group. I urge all Cambrians to support and vote for Cindy Steidel.

Greg Hunger, Cambria

I believe that all of the candidates who are running for CCSD Director are caring individuals, with Cambria’s and Cambrians’ best interests at the core of their candidacy.

Cambrians will have an opportunity on Nov. 6 to elect an eminently qualified candidate to CCSD. Her name is Cindy Steidel, and her breadth of experience is what makes her a first rate choice for CCSD director.

Steidel has over 30 years working in finance, project management, risk analysis, financial guidance, direct and indirect budgeting, overhead rates and bid development support for contract and pricing organizations. She understands how to assess problems and solve them within set parameters and limited resources. Her experience with budgeting and managing costs can only benefit the CCSD and residents of Cambria by strengthening the control of operating expenses.

Steidel has lived in Cambria for 21 years. She represents Marine Terrace on the NCAC. She serves on the CCSD Finance Committee. She belongs to American Legion Post 432 Auxiliary and has served as an Elephant Seal Docent and Allied Arts Board Member. She is an accomplished artist. She loves Cambria and appreciates its unique beauty and environment.

Please join me in voting for Cindy Steidel. We can’t afford not to.

Suzy Siegler, Cambria

Endorsement for Fedoroff on CHD

I am pleased to endorse Iggy Fedoroff as candidate for the Cambria Community Healthcare District Board.

Fedoroff has excellent organizational skills and can quickly analyze and extract material and then explain it in a succinct way so people understand. He will not waste time as an elected board member. After my husband died, Fedoroff was a tremendous help to me reviewing Social Security benefits, which were being denied me. He put together an excellent written report on my behalf and accompanied me to Social Security appointments where I saw first hand how easily he could decipher, explain and solve issues.

The community of Cambria is very special to Fedoroff. He wants our wonderful village to offer its residents the best healthcare. He is willing to spend personal time and long hours to have a board that functions for the betterment of the community plus operating in a responsible, financialy sound manner. Our board needs revitalizing. Fedoroff has the energy, desire and wisdom to serve and the board will benefit from his numerous skills. He will make Cambria stronger, safer and definitely healthier. I believe his campaign motto should be “I CARE.” Vote for Iggy Fedoroff, Laurie Mileur and Bill Rice.

Jane Coffelt, Cambria

Follies a nice break from politics

With all of the political issues going on in town in connection with our Cambria Service District (CSD), Health Care District (CHD) and our local newspaper (Cambrian), it was a nice break for Cambria to put aside its bickering and make fun of itself as we watched the follies performance over the Labor Day weekend. Congratulations to Randy, along with the cast, crew and orchestra for providing the community with an evening of playful entertainment.

Mark & Ali Kramer, Cambria