Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor, June 7, 2018

Desalination plant could be benefit

My wife and I spent some time vacationing In Cambria recently, and we keep dreaming of being able to afford a home there. We live in miserable Bakersfield, and I am employed as a firefighter.

I heard about your water shortage and restrictions, and while looking at an ocean, it’s hard to believe there isn’t a solution. I’ve done some research, and a desalination program would be key. Yes, it’s costly, and yes, it can harm a bit of the environment. But people need to invest, and the city can receive grants, etc.

The residents are living like third-world countries using buckets to collect water, shower ever other day, etc. They deserve better.

Look at Israel, where 60 percent of the country is desert, and they use desalination plants and are doing fine water-wise.

Get it done before I move there. Thank you for your hospitality while visiting.

Ken James, Bakersfield

I am running for CCHD director

My name is Laurie Mileur, and I plan to run for Director of the Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) this November.

I bring an extensive understanding of healthcare systems to the CCHD. I am a registered dietitian with a PhD in exercise physiology and four decades of experience as a hospital clinician, educator and research professor. As a member of the CCHD Healthcare Advocacy Committee, I have played a major role in expanding local medical and dental services in our community. My attendance at CCHD board and special meetings over the past 3 1/2 years has given me an appreciation of the complexities of CCHD operations in addition to the time and service commitment required of a CCHD Director.

As a director I will: 1) maintain our excellent, locally-controlled ambulance service; 2) initiate reasonable cost-saving measures to end deficit spending and recharge CCHD cash reserves; 3) advocate and secure local medical services to meet the expressed needs of District residents; and 4) listen and respond to community healthcare concerns.

I look forward to meeting with community members over the next several months as we approach this important election.

Laurie Mileur, PhD, RD, Cambria