Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor, March 15, 2018

Extra firefighters not needed

I have lived in Cambria for 30 plus years. Cal Fire Station 10 is up the street from my home on Weymouth. In all the years of living here never until now has there been any chatter of additional firefighters needed to support or fight a structure fire. Chief William Hollingsworth presented months ago to the CCSD board that the grant funds received for the additional three firefighters will expire. People need to understand we will not be without protection.

The board took the highroad and told the chief, if you want three additional firefighters, you need to go begging to the people of Cambria. The CCSD board approved spending $10,000 to $20,000 to place A18 on a special election June 5 ballot.

It amazes me this same board approved spending uncounted funds to try to buy the old library building, increase salaries, add additional personnel, pay a lobbyist, but they won’t fund three additional firefighters. Cal Fire shows up at every emergency call. Recently a utility pole on Brighton was on fire, both fire departments showed up; Cal Fire stayed and put out the fire.

My family has had medical emergencies, and trust me when I say this: Cambria Fire personnel, and our ambulance service, Cal Fire all show up. I can’t thank them enough. I will cast a “no” vote on A18. I don’t believe putting a special tax on my property taxes is justified.

Cheryl McDowell, Cambria

Does Compton support fracking?

Supervisor Lynn Compton, do you support offshore drilling and fracking?

You are running for re-election. Residents of SLO County deserve to know. What is your position on the new federal proposal to open our coastal waters to offshore drilling and fracking?

I live in Cambria. I cannot vote in your election, even though I am impacted by your points of view. I plan to give money and time to you or your opponent. Your position impacts the enjoyment and value of my Cambria property. Please have the courage to reveal your position. See the Feb. 21 SLO Tribune article, “Congressman Salud Carbajal leads SLO rally against offshore oil drilling.”

Elizabeth Haslam, Cambria

Driving 101 in rain: good and bad

Traveling on Highway 101 in the rainstorm, I noticed two things. The majority of cars had their headlights on when using their windshield wipers. A good thing. On the flip side, too many cars were tailgating going 70 to 75 mph. Not a good thing.

Donald Lagrand, Cambria