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Cambrian letters to the editor, Feb. 15, 2018

Cambria Post Office.
Cambria Post Office.

Sour grapes and divisive statements

After reading Barbara Bronson Gray’s Viewpoint in the Feb. 8 Cambrian (“CCSD, don’t allow personal accusations to destroy process”), it is clear to me that Tom Gray is contemplating running for the CCSD board in November.

Barbara’s thinly veiled attempt at damage control for Tom’s failure to gain Director Greg Sanders’ vacant position on the current CCSD board, is nothing more than a saccharine sweet, hypocritical bloviation.

In her Viewpoint, Barbara makes divisive statements like “things are going downhill” at the CCSD meetings – when the fact is, the new board is working quite well together. Dave Pierson is doing an excellent job and has turned out to be a wonderful addition.

Barbara also made a statement concerning “innocent until proven guilty.” Well, what about Tina Dickason’s “rights of innocence”? In my opinion, until we know the facts, we should all withhold judgment. I, personally, value my freedom of speech above all else. Would Barbara profit to take that freedom away from me if the message I am broadcasting is not to her liking?

Cambria’s beauty is not “tarnished,” as she states, Barbara just needs a “timeout.”

May I suggest a trip to the elephant seal rookery. Watching those adorable pups frolicking on the sand recharges the soul and reminds us all why we are here.

Leslie Richards, Cambria

Don’t treat us like an ATM for taxes

There is no serious problem keeping the Fire Department staffing at current levels, despite a federal grant of two years expiring in March 2018. The Community Healthcare District can be combined with the Cambria Fire Department to reduce bureaucracy and overhead to sufficiently support the current three additional firefighters.

Remember the property tax resources of the Special Cambria Health Tax and the Cambria CSD Fire Assessment Tax. Is it necessary to have seven paramedics respond from Cal Fire, Cambria Fire Department and the Healthcare District? Healthcare here is a misnomer. Try to get a bandage on a finger!

It is common practice to receive paramedic services from a Fire Department. How about a firefighter volunteer training program with enticement perks to establish a personnel safety margin? How about applying again for a state or federal grant? Despite more actions, which should be taken, expect taxpayers to be treated like an ATM. Watch for a proposed tax increase via an approximate $20,000 ballot voting process .

It is easier to take money from others!

Werner Koch, Cambria

Why pay twice? Dump Cambria Fire Department

I shook my head in disbelief reading about the CCSD directors worried about three or four firefighters on a truck and where more money would come from. Instead, they should be planning how to eliminate the department completely.

Since the state determined, a number of years ago, that Cambria’s fire safety was the responsibility of Cal Fire and assesses Cambria’s property owners for the service, the Cambria Fire Department has become irrelevant as an unnecessary duplicate service. Kitchen, house, car, yard or wildfire: Call 911, and Cal Fire will be there. Why pay twice? Dump Cambria Fire.

Phillip M. Skonieczki, Cambria

Tips from fire survivor valuable

Sandra Younger’s experience was hellacious, and all her tips were very, very good. Cut the article out and put it in a prominent place.

We had fire personnel guests from San Diego at our home some years ago. The husband surveyed our place and said one thing we needed to do was trim all the branches of our conifer trees to provide at least 10 feet of clearance from the ground. A couple weeks later he was fighting the Cedar Fire.

A “go bag” is important but obviously it can’t contain everything. We have a one-inch-thick portable insulated metal box I found at a thrift store which contains valuable papers and documents we can’t easily live without. I should be able to get to it, but it is designed to survive most fires.

The advice about under-eaves ventilation screens is sound and can also be applied to those at levels near the ground. The latter I have covered with aluminum foil backed by insulation material inside, hope that’s good enough. A very fine mesh metal screen under upper eaves has been said to be adequate by some.

I store rainwater on site, as many know. Before I attended one of Bruce Fosdike’s talks, I assumed fire people could stick a hose in the top of my 1,100-gallon tank by the roadway and suck out water as needed. Not so, Fosdike said. Looks like any hope of watering down my property will be up to me, bucket by bucket, or via gravity from hoses. I presume pressurized water will be nonexistent.

William Seavey, Cambria

Election of women could be answer

Daily we can see our democracy slipping away; the damage and incipient harm done to our fragile environment is visibly measurable. Something drastic must be done to change course; the answer may be in the election of women to every level of government office. It is our time to put the lives of human beings and all living creatures first and salvage what is left of our legacy with responsible action.

“Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826.

Sylvia A. Hanna, Cambria