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Cambrian letters to the editor, Feb. 22, 2018

Cambria Post Office.
Cambria Post Office.

Voters, not gender should decide

Regarding Sylvia Hanna’s letter “Election of women could be the answer,” I was not sure if she meant more women elected at all levels, at least one woman at all levels, or women occupying every elected position in the country.

If she meant the first option, then it is strictly up to the voters.

If the second, I would wager that every level of the electorate has or has had a woman in office, except the president and vice president of the United States.

If the third option, that is just a roundabout way for Ms. Hanna to categorize men in general as uncaring for the living and unfit for office. Does that include Thomas Jefferson?

Randall Schwalbe, Cambria

Civility doesn’t hit First Amendment

It is not surprising to me that Leslie Richards’ letter of Feb. 15 is critical of Barbara Bronson Gray’s Viewpoint of Feb. 8. Ms. Richards is one of the people who stood up during public comment and maligned Tom Gray.

As I read Ms. Gray’s opinion piece, she was not trying to abridge anyone’s First Amendment rights. I believe she was calling for a return to civility and asking the board chair to enforce the statement that appears on the request to speak that every speaker fills out.

It clearly states that personal attacks on board members and anyone else are not permitted. So why have they been allowed to continue?

Bev Praver, Cambria

In support of Kellen Trimble

I have known Kellen Trimble for 25 years, and it’s difficult to believe that he did what he accused of.

Clive Finchamp, Cambria

Thanks for support of film festival

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Cambria Film Festival. It was great to see so many people’s enthusiasm for watching movies in Cambria, and we appreciated all who cast their votes for favorite films.

A special thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped screen the original 1,600-plus submissions, who staffed the ticket offices, and who kept everything flowing. We also thank all of our sponsors, including our Studio Level sponsors: Cambria Center for the Arts, the Cambria Tourism Board, the San Simeon Tourism Alliance, The Cambrian, New Times, Cambria Pines Lodge and Linn’s Restaurant. We also acknowledge the support of the many restaurants, wineries, hotels, stores and individuals who contributed their wares, time or cash.

Over the four days of the festival, hundreds enjoyed 11 different features and 32 shorts. We hope you all come back to see the movies in 2019, as we plan to host the Cambria Film Festival once again!

The Cambria Film Festival Organizing Committee: Oz Barron, Barbara Beane, Dennis Frahmann, Alan Fraser, Nancy Green, Vito Tullo, Scott Williams, Randall Lyon

What if school shooting was here?

I am beyond exasperation. I am angry as hell. Another school shooting. More beautiful young people dead. The young are the future. My heart aches. I can’t imagine what the affected parents and families are going through.

I am a gun owner who craves gun control. Rigorous gun control. It is far too easy to get guns and ammunition because the NRA has a stranglehold on virtually every lawmaker. Don’t believe the B.S. about the Second Amendment, mental health and the other excuses. This is about only one thing: gun and ammunition manufacturers maximizing profits.

What if it happened here?

Michael Broadhurst, Cambria

Difficulty with Castle tickets

I am a resident of Cambria and will have six relatives visiting from the Midwest on April 3. In preparation for this visit, and being that this is an Easter week, I went to the Hearst Castle Visitor Center to purchase tickets.

I couldn’t believe that on-site tickets can now only be purchased one day in advance. The chance of being guaranteed six tickets for the same tour, purchased one day in advance during a holiday week are slim to impossible.

The only other option is to go through the ticketing company the Castle has now contracted with and pay them $8-plus per ticket charged for this service — a service a local person shouldn’t be forced to use.

I understand that in both situations it is a bit early to purchase tickets for this date, but I’m quite willing to return when these tickets do go on sale. However, to be forced to purchase through the ticketing company, paying $48 plus charges beyond the ticket prices, is wrong.

This is a State Park, not a private corporation. State Parks belong to us, the people of California, and to now be forced to purchase tickets through this company to guarantee a date and time on tickets when I am six miles from the ticket office is so wrong.

John Robinson, Cambria

CCSD, CCHD boundaries differ

I am writing this letter as a private citizen who does not live within the boundaries of the CCSD, but who does live within the boundaries of the CCHD.

Werner Koch has suggested in a letter to the editor in the Feb. 15, 2018 edition of The Cambrian that the Cambria Community Services District and Cambria Community Healthcare District combine to “reduce bureaucracy and overhead. …” The boundaries of the CCHD extend from Villa Creek to the south, the Monterey County line to the north, from the ridgeline of the Santa Lucias to the east, and the ocean to the west. There is no legal way the two districts can combine, although there are ways they can cooperate.

If the operations of the CCHD’s ambulance service were to be subsumed into the CCSD’s administration, that would mean that all of us who live outside the CCSD would have no vote, but we would be required to still pay taxes. This used to be known as taxation without representation. We, out here, would not take kindly to that.

Shirley Bianchi, Cambria