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Joslyn Center relies on Cambria residents for financial support

The Joslyn Center relies on Cambria residents to support its maintenance and operations.
The Joslyn Center relies on Cambria residents to support its maintenance and operations.

Maybe you’ve visited the Joslyn Center lately, perhaps as a club member or someone attending a special gathering organized by one of your fellow Cambrians. For years, the building and facility we call the Joslyn Center has been a fixture in our community.

How many of you have ever driven by or participated in an event at the Joslyn Center and not given a second thought about how the center is supported?

I don’t know about you, but as a longtime Cambrian I’ve been guilty of taking our Joslyn Center for granted. I remember sitting in a Lions Club event, looking at the building around me, thinking somehow that the center was paid for by somebody else. It wasn’t until I came more involved in some of our community organizations that I came to understand that the Joslyn Center is actually dependent on us here in Cambria.

Unbeknownst to many, the Joslyn Center is not a county-supported recreational center but a self-funded co-op type nonprofit corporation. As such, it is funded almost entirely by the membership dues, rental income of the facility, fundraising events by member clubs and donations. The only support Joslyn receives from the county and CCSD is the building itself.

In fact, the county and CCSD do not finance the day-to-day upkeep of the building, nor do they pay for repair and replacement of kitchen equipment, bathrooms, furniture, audio-visual equipment, utilities, office employees office equipment /supplies and other items too numerous to mention — we do!

The Joslyn Center serves us well as a community gathering place, allowing Cambrians to come together for a variety of occasions. We are host to around 20 clubs, from bridge and mahjong players to dancers and the Chorale, and we also provide a venue for weddings and celebrations of life. Our kitchen has fed countless visitors, as well. And this year the volunteer board is dedicated to making sure the center find ways to expand its use.

As the new president of the Joslyn Center, I really want to urge you not to take the Joslyn Center for granted. I know we live in a giving community — and many of you have already given your time and money to keep the Joslyn Center going — but please continue to keep us in mind when you decide how to help others with your donations. The Joslyn Center is an essential community resource that helps us come together as Cambrians.

Wayne Smith is president of the Joslyn Recreation Center. Contact him at

Joslyn Center facts

Contact: The Joslyn Center is at 950 Main St. in Cambria. The business office is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Phone 805-927-3364 or email

Membership: $50 annual membership; $350 lifetime membership. Open to adults 18 years and older. (Member dues are not required to participate in community service programs held at the center.)

Clubs and services: Bridge Club, Cambria Film Club, Cambria Forum, Cambria Writers Workshop, Cambria Community Chorale, Computer Club, Couples Dance Club, Dancercize, Fishing Club, Inner Rhythm, Joslyn Investment Club, Lawn Bowls Club, Mah Jongg, Poker Club, Rough Writers, Spirit, Dance & Drum, Table Tennis Club, Cambria Anonymous Neighbors.