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Cambrian letters to the editor, Aug. 3, 2017

The Cambria Community Services District should reduce its overhead, Werner Koch writes.
The Cambria Community Services District should reduce its overhead, Werner Koch writes.

Cambria’s services district too slow

Will the Cambria Community Services directors miss another opportunity to reduce water service costs for a complex emergency water system involving desalination with little utilization of desal? What happened with California Proposition 1 ($7.12 billion) in 2014, which included funds for water recycling, advanced water treatment and waste water treatment? Lobbyist failures? Similarly, what about Prop. 84 ($5.4 billion) in 2006 and Prop. 50 ($3.4 billion) in 2002?

The $13 million current plant with a loan of $9 million is spread over a meager village population of 6,000. This equates to a debt of $2,167 per person, excluding county property taxes and continuous interest. The San Luis Obispo County recommended budget for parks/recreation is $9,486,399 for fiscal year 2017-18. Will most go to Nipomo? The county recommended budget for planning/building for fiscal year 2017-18 is $8,115,807 from the general fund. Will this effort be lost in a closet ?

CCSD directors should reduce overhead, coupled with becoming aggressive in obtaining grants. For example, outsourcing and a county grant of $7 million could result in reducing water/sewer bimonthly costs by approximately 40 percent.

Werner Koch, Cambria

Drum Corps seeks new members

The Cambria Drum Corps/Feet with a Beat are looking to expand their ranks in time for the Pinedorado Parade and Coast Union High School football games. The program is open to those in fifth grade and older.

Practices are from 3:10 to 3:55 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the high school band room. Admission is free.

Contact Jeff or Shirley at 927-7624.

Leslie Dougherty, Cambria

League commends cap and trade

The California Legislature recently passed AB 398 to extend the cap-and-trade program for 10 years and AB 617 to improve air quality in communities severely affected by pollution. These measures confirm California’s leadership role in efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and protect our communities from the negative physical, economic and public health impacts that are the consequences of our changing climate.

We commend our legislators for coming together in a bipartisan manner to address climate change, the greatest environmental challenge of our generation. It is heartening to see our elected officials overcome partisanship and through negotiation and compromise support measures that serve the best interests of our state and our planet.

The League of Women Voters urges our elected officials to continue to work together in a civil way, using the tools of our democracy — transparency, respect for differing opinions, negotiation and compromise, to make our state and our nation healthier and more economically vibrant.

Ann Havlik, Marilee Hyman

Co-presidents of League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County