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Cambrian letters to the editor, June 1, 2017

Thistles like this bull thistle can be a fire hazard.
Thistles like this bull thistle can be a fire hazard.

Discrimination isn’t same as teaching

The SLO High “teacher” (Michael Stack) who preached — in writing in the SLO High student newspaper — that LGBTQ students “should die” should become a pupil and the SLO High students his teacher.

Stack’s letter — in the name of religion — promotes discrimination, hatred and bigotry. Stack is not a “teacher.” A teacher educates by helping students acquire knowledge and competences. Promoting discrimination is the antithesis of a “teacher.” As a pupil, Stack needs to learn or re-learn to accept others as they are, to appreciate sexual diversity, and understand that his letter violates basic federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection.

Howard Vallens, Cambria

Absent landowners let thistles grow

Whoever’s sworn to protect us isn’t doing their job. Many of Cambria’s houses are surrounded by undeveloped land owned by speculators who reside outside town. These landowners are smug in the knowledge they are complying with the law to clear weeds and grass by July 15.

Anyone on the spot can see that their fields of 3-foot-tall grass and rapidly multiplying non-native thistles are a major fire hazard beginning at least by May 15 — two months before the “deadline”! (Note the infested hill behind Community Health Centers on Main Street to see an example.)

A tardy deadline such as July 15 means residents wishing to protect their homes have to pay out of their own pockets to clear other people’s property. Non-native thistles (both the delicate “Italian” and the robust “Canadian,” sometimes called milk thistle because of the bold white veins in its green leaves) are infesting Cambria’s pristine forests.

Won’t the civil servants responsible for this deadline use some common sense, conquer their inertia and correct it to a more appropriate May 15, like so many other city agencies around the state have already done? With global warming, even May 15 may soon prove obsolete.

Nancy Moure, Cambria

Local retailers deserve support

Shop Cambria!

I had such a helpful experience shopping at the kitchen gadget store on Burton the other day, I felt compelled to write. As well as being so friendly, the shopkeeper was very knowledgeable and even gave me a local discount!

In this age where online shopping is killing brick-and-mortar stores, I think it’s very important to be willing to support our community.

Cambria has auto services, hardware, grocery, dental, physical therapy, veterinarians, specialty shops and so much more. And of course, all the restaurant and hospitality businesses. My list is nowhere near complete; I just needed to say I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences. Dorothy said it best: “There’s no place like home!”

Ted Key, Cambria

Kudos to Gibson as county supervisor

Bruce Gibson is the best supervisor in the history of our county and, for that matter, in all of California. He is intelligent, and he knows his job as well as anyone can expect. I have always voted him and he will be the job as long as he wants it.

Clive Finchamp, Cambria

Solution offered for deer strikes

As the former chair for the Traffic Committee of the North Coast Advisory Council, I had people bring road issues to the meetings for resolution. Seldom did they bring answers to the problems with them. That is until Mark and Sue Garman came to a meeting last September.

They were concerned about the number of deer strikes on Highway 1 between Burton Drive and Cambria Drive. Their solution, in part, was for better driver awareness with solar-powered lighted deer crossing signs. I myself hit a deer in that area two years ago, as you can’t see them coming at dusk till they are already in the road.

This idea was well received by the committee, and I presented it to Caltrans. To keep this short, it got bounced around that bureaucracy for almost five months until I was informed that they would need an endorsement from California Fish and Wildlife. I contacted Bob Stafford there. Four more months had elapsed when Bob informed me that he was waiting for Caltrans to release some deer strike figures for his letter. Back to the Caltrans black hole!

So I am asking for the community’s help. If you, a relative, a neighbor, friend or acquaintance, has hit a deer, or seen a deer hit on Highway 1 between Burton and Cambria Drive, please forward your name, and the date of strike (or approximation) to Bob Stafford at gov.

Thank you for your help.

Bruce Fosdike, Cambria