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Cambrian letters to the editor, April 27, 2017

People enjoy the sights at a recent Cambria Wildflower Show.
People enjoy the sights at a recent Cambria Wildflower Show.

Wildflower show adds even more color to Cambria

Wildflowers announce that spring has finally come, and with it a rebirth of beautiful life all around us. Everyone is talking about the bloom in Death Valley, Anza Borrego, Shell Creek and Carrizo Plains, but our Central Coast has an abundance of wildflowers, too.

This weekend, you can see wildflowers collected from the Monterey County line to the Morro Bay Estuary all under one roof. Bouquets of fresh wildflowers will be arranged by family and labeled with their botanical and common names. Each year there are many floral surprises based on Mother Nature’s whims.

Rare specimens, collected with permission, will be among the many hundreds of flowers on display. Bring your camera or your sketch pad to capture these lovely specimens to enjoy later.

The Cambria Wildflower Show started in 2005 after the founders attended the Pacific Grove Wildflower Show, then in its 45th year. Inspired by the show, Doc Miller, Elizabeth Appel, Jo Ellen Butler and Nolan Coogan thought that Cambria needed a wildflower show of its own. Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve decided to sponsor this beautiful educational experience. The show has been growing ever since, with each year bringing more specimens and attendees.

The show will be at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St., Cambria on Saturday April 29 from noon until 5 p.m. and Sunday, April 30 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. A donation of $3 is asked at the door with students admitted free. Families are encouraged to come enjoy the show and look at plants under magnifying glasses and a microscope. The California Native Plant society will be on hand with wildflower books to help you identify plants in the future.

Jo Ellen Butler, Cambria

Slow down on Wilcombe Road

County Public Works Manager Dave Flynn approved the installation of two 25 mph signs on Wilcombe Road between Pineridge and Ardath. The justification was the excessive speed (40 mph) traveled by drivers using Wilcombe as a shortcut.

The drivers (you know who you are) will be checked; their license numbers noted and duly reported to the CHP, which will send a notice to registered vehicle owners as a warning. Continued speeding will result in a citation.

Wilcombe Road is a residential neighborhood, so we would appreciate it if those of you using Wilcombe will please respect the residents and many pets who live there and slow down to the posted 25 mph limit; you will then avoid being reported to the CHP. Thank you.

Sylvia A. Hanna, Cambria

Help sought to fix barber’s truck

On Saturday, Feb. 25, there was a terrible accident at the bakery in Cambria, not much has been said about what happened prior to the truck plowing in to the bakery. The driver wiped out the front end of a vehicle driven by longtime local barber Corky Miles; he and his friend Barbara Brebs, narrowly escaped being badly injured or killed along with the unlucky folks inside the building.

Corky has had his practice in town since 1974, he is well loved and admired by scores of men in Cambria who appreciate his warm greeting, friendly spirit and interesting conversation.

The drunk driver had no insurance, so Corky’s insurance company sadly totaled his 94 Ford Ranger for low book value. Corky is having the Ranger rebuilt at a cost many thousand more than he received.

This pickup, with the pinstriping and the Miles name on the tailgate in script, is a classic.

Corky received no serious injuries but I believe that his friends may want to help him out with his expenses. I have opened an account at Heritage Oaks Bank, now Pacific Premier Bank, and am asking for donations to assist him with the expense of rebuilding his truck.

Drop by the bank and leave your deposit to the account “FOR THE BENEFIT OF CORKY MILES” or call me, and I will be happy to arrange to pick up your check at your convenience.

Don Anderson, Cambria

Trump has fans in Cambria, too

The Cambrian editor made it clear to me that letters are limited to 250 words. Columns longer than this are available to experts in a particular area.

John Fitzrandolph is listed as a sports and outdoors writer for the Cambrian. He must have expertise in political analysis also, since he spent way over 250 words on his bully pulpit berating the president of the United States. His analysis comes from the liberal progressive side that insists that President Donald Trump does not have a decent bone in his body.

Maybe John does not know that about 50 percent of us are conservatives that like most of what POTUS is doing. Every liberal rag in America has said what John said. Please let me know when Meals On Wheels ceases operation in Cambria. When was the last time we had a president who did not do business on the golf course? What is the difference between using the White House in Texas, Hawaii or Florida?

I would welcome an efficiency expert following POTUS around any weekend to see how much slack time he has. How much campaigning did the last president do for the Democrats using Air Force One. Who was the last president who did not have an elite lavish lifestyle?

Here is a good target for John: Go after the tax and spend and tax some more legislators and governor running (ruining) the state of California.

Brian Griffin, Cambria