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Cambrian letters to the editor, March 9, 2017

The cast of “On Golden Pond,” the debut play from By the Sea Productions in Morro Bay.
The cast of “On Golden Pond,” the debut play from By the Sea Productions in Morro Bay.

There are more humane ways to deal with gophers

I read a disturbing article about gopher control in The Cambrian (A Gardener’s Notebook, Feb. 16, Page 7). The only remedies the author suggested were lethal, violent and toxic. As a nature and wildlife advocate, I too have experienced gopher activities on my property here in Cambria. We decided long ago to find alternatives to just killing our neighboring wildlife.

The poison baits mentioned usually contain Strychnine or zinc phosphide, which cause terrible suffering and pain. The poison manufacturers assure us their products result in a painless and peaceful death. They rely on customers believing in this painless, peaceful death myth. Nobody wants to feel bad about poisoning wildlife. Our pets and other predators can be exposed to these poisons by catching or consuming affected wildlife.

Poisons used to kill weeds, insects or wildlife in our yards remain in our environment, polluting our yards, waterways and ocean! As a master gardener, I hope the author would encourage readers to understand local wildlife behavior and design their gardens to accommodate or humanely exclude them.

The wildlife was here first. We decided to move into their territory. Let’s at least try to live peacefully alongside one another.

Mark Garman, Cambria

Diane Richardson will be missed

Diane Richardson died a few months ago.

I had great fun with her. We danced and she kidded me about the articles I wrote for the Cambrian and the Tribune, too.

She wore a white ribbon, and when she walked by, she gave me a wink and a big smile. I will miss her always.

Clive Finchamp, Cambria

‘On Golden Pond’ excellent theater in Morro Bay

I want to share some good news. The former Pewter Plough Players, for years located in Cambria, have moved to Morro Bay, bringing live theater to this town by the sea.

Aptly renamed By the Sea Productions, they now reside in Erickson Hall at St. Peter’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church, 545 Shasta Ave.

On a recent Saturday night, my husband and I were treated to a subtly humorous, achingly emotional performance of “On Golden Pond.” The talented cast portrayed fully-developed characters experiencing love and longing, each in a unique way.

Leading actors Tom Ammon and Toni Young kept the show flowing and interesting, despite the play’s use of extended dialog.

Strong performances from Craig Brooke, Janine Elich, Tim Linzey and 14-year-old Ali Burkhead iced the theatrical cake. It was a pleasure to witness this professional-style theater event right here in Morro Bay.

Diane Ludin, Morro Bay

Fond memories of fishing trips on Santa Rosa Creek

At age 79, I have fond memories of my many fishing trips to Santa Rosa Creek and lagoon when I was 12 years old with my dad, Joe Beretta, to catch many many trout. Also, the many trout caught in Pico and Little Pico Creek.

Those were the good old days, now gone forever and replaced with art gallieries, wine tasting and the like. So sad.

William Beretta