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Cambrian letters to the editor, Feb. 2, 2017

Harry Farmer
Harry Farmer

McDowell family thanks community

The McDowell family thanks each and every one of you for your prayers, love, support, food, cards, phone calls, text messages, hugs, poems and gifts during our time of sorrow over the loss of our beloved son Gregory’s passing. Words can’t express our sincere thanks.

Pastors Judy Templeton and Gary White, we are so blessed to have you two in our lives.

A special thank you to Cambria Community Healthcare District and Cambria Fire Department for your professionalism.

Our son Greg will live in our hearts forever until we are reunited in God’s kingdom. God’s loving promise.

Cheryl and Randy McDowell, Cambria

FCC mandate means discount

The FCC has mandated that Charter, as a result of the merger with Time Warner, make available to some members of the public who qualify, the opportunity to subscribe to the internet at a special low price. The details so far are $14.99 per month for a 30/4Mbps-speed package, including a modem and free self-install; Wi-Fi for $5 a month, which includes a router.

Charter guarantees the rate will not be increased during the life of the program. Those who are eligible include low-income families with students who participate in the school lunch program; plus seniors 65 and older who receive SSI benefits. Additional conditions that apply. Credit scores count.

The offer should be available by the middle of 2017, according to Charter’s press release. Details: 844-525-1574.

Sylvia A. Hanna, Cambria

Where’s photo of 5th CCSD director?

Last time I checked — which was actually at the last CCSD board meeting I attended Jan. 19 — I counted five CCSD board directors at the dais. The Jan. 26, 2017, Cambrian, had an article related to that meeting on Page 5, which included photos of four of the CCSD directors. One was missing: Harry Farmer.

Can The Cambrian at least be inclusive in its reporting of who represents the community on the CCSD board? Fairness is what we expect from our reporters, whether local or otherwise. This was not fair!

Tina Dickason, Cambria

Linn’s action a breath of fresh air

We want to give a long applause to John Linn of Linn’s Restaurant and his worker Paul, for their willingness to change their Farmers Market Bar-b-que, to a healthful and environmentally conscious fire starter! Their help is making our Dancercise Class at the Joslyn Center a much better breathing experience.

We are thankful that we have such great people in our town that care enough to make changes that help others. Thank you, Linn’s!

Sheri Parisian, Cambria

Poor judgment in omitting photo

Even though an article featured Harry Farmer and his Table Talk, he should not have been omitted from the photo of the remaining four CCSD board members. Poor judgment by The Cambrian.

Rita Burton, Cambria