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Cambrian letters to the editor, Jan. 19, 2017

A car passes by a section of hillside that slid down onto the edge of the roadway on Main Street in Cambria’s East Village earlier this month.
A car passes by a section of hillside that slid down onto the edge of the roadway on Main Street in Cambria’s East Village earlier this month.

Government helps us weather storm

Kudos to all of the various government workers who spent time away from their families, in the cold and wet, to clear our roads, get rid of downed trees, protect the community’s waste water plant, and drinking water. These were state, county and services district government employees.

These people exemplified your tax dollars at work. Government can, and does, work.

Shirley Bianchi, Cambria

Trump criticism not sour grapes

I think it has to be clearly understood that the nonstop flow of criticism and complaints about the statements and actions of President-elect Donald Trump are not simply sour grapes. These are real concerns about real issues that affect all of our lives and are not politically motivated.

Issues like climate change, affordable health care, public education, environmental integrity and confidence in the ethical integrity of our nation’s leadership are but a few of the issues this president-elect wishes to dismiss with a cavalier tweet.

To say that any criticism voiced by citizens of this nation is just a response from sore losers illustrates his unpreparedness for the office. Our concerns are real and deserve to be taken seriously; after all, the majority of the nation did not side with him in the election.

I am writing this letter in hopes that the American people will not continue to be misled by a campaign designed to delegitimize the facts and reason. Mr. Trump has said that “in the age of computers, nobody really knows anything.” This may work for an ill-informed person like himself, but for the rest of us there is a reality outside of the Orwellian illusion he is trying to push.

So, in closing, I ask you not to drink the Kool-Aid and please read the label on the snake oil.

Mark Bonnard, Cambria

Don’t ditch ACA without substitute

My wife and I are self-employed. Before the Affordable Care Act, we could not afford health insurance, and should the ACA be repealed without an affordable and accessible alternative, we and millions of other Americans will be back in the same tragic situation.

In a just and well-functioning society, health care is a right, not the privilege of a wealthy and fortunate few. Universal access to health care for all not only saves the nation money in the long run, it creates a more productive and secure society.

Repealing the ACA and slashing Medicaid and Medicare does not make economic or moral sense. It is an irresponsible act. Leaving health care to the whims and vagaries of the market, and to the greed of a for-profit industry, is an outrage, not a solution.

Keep the foxes out of the henhouse, and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

Don’t repeal the Affordable Care Act without a more universal, more accessible and more equitable replacement.

Donald Archer, Cambria