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Coast Unified students take home youth art show ribbons

Estiban Garcia, a sixth grader, shows off his 3-D art project at the Youth Art Month Art Show.
Estiban Garcia, a sixth grader, shows off his 3-D art project at the Youth Art Month Art Show. Special to The Cambrian

Coast Unified students in grades 3-11 were honored for their work in the Youth Art Month Art Show, which is on display at Cambria Center for the Arts Gallery (the complex also houses the school district’s offices).

High school students took part in the event, along with Cambria Grammar School students and Santa Lucia Middle School students.

All of the first-place winners will go on to be judged by the California Art Education Association, along with the winners from the southern and northern portions of our state on March 18, in a process that will determine the best piece to represent California at the national level.

The top student in the state will receive a Ruth Jansen Scholarship, which is awarded by the association.

“We will find out if our town will have a student, parent and teacher going to New York again in May,” said district art teacher Suzette Morrow. “Teachers also are awarded art supplies for their classes by Sargent Art.”

Morrow accompanied Devin Streeter, a Cambria student artist, to New York for four days in July two years ago after Streeter was awarded top honors in the state.

Following is a list of winners:

▪  Third Grade-2D — 1. Elisabeth Akers; 2. Anthony De Alba; 3. Litzy Urbina de Jesus. Honorable mentions: Alberto Valencia, Kaleigh Hergenroeder.

▪  Fourth Grade-2D — 1. Haily Haanen; 2. Melissa Gomez; 3. Daniela Mercado. Honorable mention: Daniel Loredo.

▪  Fifth Grade-2D — 1. Audria Quintero Naste; 2. Zahaira Melendrez; 3. Jayme Fordyce. Honorable mention: Dominic Fordyce.

▪  Third Grade-Ceramics — 1. Mario Garcia Carbajal; 2. Eric Ramirez Garcia; 3. Ashley Garcia. Honorable mention: Leyla Valencia.

▪  Fourth Grade-Ceramics — 1. Sienna Chase; 2. Amelia Griffith; 3. Eseralda Juarez Bello. Honorable mention: Diego Castillo Alvizo.

▪  Fifth Grade-Ceramics — 1. Hatzumy Ramirez; 2. Adair Ponce; 3. Natalia Fernandez Garcia. Honorable mention: Ashley Becerril Merced.

▪  Sixth Grade-2D — 1. Esmeralda De Alba; 2. Ethan Wade; 3. Patricia Acosta. Honorable mentions: Edwin Esparza, Eduardo Cruz, Shanyra Cardenas, Cesar Gomez.

▪  Seventh Grade-2D — 1. Emiliano Pena; 2. Eithne Walters; 3. Jazmine Mendoza. Honorable mentions: Riley Goldstein, Andy Garcia Mora.

▪  Eighth Grade-2D — 1. Kaci Feruson; 2. Aracely Milan; 3. Makayla Fordyce. Honorable mentions: Karolina Lizaola, Areli De Jesus.

▪  Ninth Grade-2D — 1. Angelique Gutierrez; 2. Alondra Mercado; 3. Jackson Bruce. Honorable mentions: Riley Volz, Julie Vasquez.

▪ 10th Grade-2D — 1. Pamela Hernandez; 2. Autumn Rogers; 3. Iveth De Jesus. Honorable mentions: Diana Aguila, Shiv Panchal.

▪  11th Grade-2D — 1. Daniel Pena; 2. Cristina Palominos; 3. Margaret Stern. Honorable mentions: Olivia Hargear, Zoe Markham, Brayen Pena, Kenneth Butterfield, Alex Campos.

▪  12th Grade-2D — 1. Anna Harrington-Bilu; 2. Yashvi Panchal; 3. Thor Ronemus. Honorable mentions: Eduardo Espitia, Lily Dohlan, Michelle Campos, Grace Jones.

▪  High School Digital Art — 1. Octavia Dolan; 2. Jonah Tamoria; 3. Andrew Mendoza. Honorable mention: Freddy Palominos.

▪  High School Photography — 1. Megan Forrest; 2. Kellie Wolfe; 3. Tara Covell.

▪  High School Ceramics — 1. Juan Zaragoza; 2. Karis Lawson; 3. Ani Corbet. Honorable mentions: Tyler Seng, Jennifer Bautista, David May.